112 in Tucson for the 4th!

devorahJuly 2, 2007

Can someone who lives there tell me how you manage it? WE are planning to retire there, but I am having 2nd and 3rd thoughts. At 112 can you even make it from the car to the store? Do you sleep during the day and get up at night?

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When I lived in Tucson we had temps up to 114°. Back in the old days we had window water coolers. I'm sure real A/C is now available but wasn't then. People will say it is a different kind of heat not much humidity but it is still hot. I loved it out there.

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Yeah that kind of heat is pretty extreme to be sure.

Rest assured however that even though those sort of temps are not enormously unusual, neither are they typical. Typical is around 100 or so for the high - HOT to be sure, but actually surprisingly managable (because of the famously low humidity).

I'm sure those sunny 65 degree days in mid-January will more than make up for it.

We're actually retiring down there as well - though not quite in Tucson. We've bought land out near Benson where it's a little higher and a little cooler.

Been to to Tucson in late July and early August (during the summer monsoon) and loved it. Didn't find the heat to be at all hard to take at all - though it was only around 100 or so - rather then the 112 you mention.


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