Japanese style roof tiles?

ideagirl2October 9, 2011

Does anyone here have any experience, or know someone who does, with Japanese-style roof tiles? I mean like the ones at the link below. We are considering using these (they would really work with the style of roof we have, and the current asphalt roof has about 18 months of life left in it, if that).

I'm wondering, for instance, how expensive they are, how hard it is to find a competent roofer to put them on (since they're unusual), how durable, etc. And any comments on issues I may not have thought of...

Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese style roof tiles

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10x-20x the material cost of asphalt shingles, plus the labor to re-engineer the entire roof support structure to be able to support the weight of a tile roof. It's HEAVY.

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Circus Peanut

I'm not much help, but we have always dreamed of a German tile roof in a similar vein. Post back if/when you get any details?

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