Anybody else enjoy the 'doing nothing' aspect of retirement?

francienolanJuly 25, 2011

My husband and I both had to retire early due to disability, ironically in the same year. I was 52 and he was 57 - that was 7 years ago. Now that we both have adjusted to our respective disabities, I find that I enjoy the "do nothing you don't want and/or feel like doing" aspect of retirement. Of course, because we are disabled, what we CAN do is limited, but we're not in wheelchairs or bedridden so there are a few social/volunteer activities we could participate in. We just choose not to.

Anybody else enjoy the freedom to do what you want when you want, or to do nothing at all? All you active retirees out there make me feel like DH and I are the retirement oddballs. LOL

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DH recently retired, we are enjoying not having to get up early, get home late, 6-7 days a week routine! We are still active in going out to the theater, restaurants, movies, working out at the gym and gardening. We do plan to do some traveling while we still have our health to enjoy it! $$ does have a bearing as to which activities, and how often! Although with the current 'Debt' talks going on in congress and their propensity for cutting military pay and benefits, it may be less!
I agree it is nice not having him 'having to be somewhere or else' (DH retired after 35 years in USMC), and he hasn't gotten on my nerves yet! I feel so lucky that he's home and he's safe! If only my son's retirement from the USAF could be closer (right now he's in Afghanistan).

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Emilynewhome, I sometimes forget how fortunate we are that we don't get on each others' nerves, being together 24/7. LOL Our are is very rural, so no theater, etc. for us. But we do have a great family and group of friends and we get together frequently. We enjoy going out to eat, inviting people over for cookouts or just coffee, etc. I'm a voracious reader and love having the luxury of reading as long as I choose without worrying about where I have to be next or what I have to do.

I too am concerned about the debt talks but I think that in the current environment, cutting veteran's pay would be political suicide. My husband is a disabled Viet Nam Vet; if they cut VA disability benefits we'd certainly have to reevaluate. And there is no disputing our nation is woefully near bankruptcy. :-(

A sincere thanks to your husband and your son for their service to our country.

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Oh, it's the very best thing about being retired!

We read a ton of books, work on the computers/Net, and do things when WE feel like doing them, instead of compressing everything into a weekend. I garden, DH does his hobby work, we go out to eat quite often for lunch as well as dinner.

Takes a lot of the stress out of life.

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I love my "Golden Years". I don't know if I would be considered retired since I have always been a homemaker, but I love my life. I am a solitary person, single and loving it. No stress, do what I want, when I want. No cooking unless I want, love that part of it. A little bored sometimes but I just getup and do something about it.

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I retired at 53, due to dusability (kidney failure). The best part of being retired, I can sleep in any day I want. And if you want to make a doctor (or other) appointment, you can go during the day, when there are plenty of appointments, instead of having to wait for a weekend or evening appointment. I called my gynecologist on Saturday for an appointment and got one for the following Monday at 11 am. In the past, I'd have to take time off work or wait 2 months, just for a check-up.

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I'm 56 and retired on a small pension. I packed up my house and travelled for months. I then returned home and moved to another city - one i like much better.

I love being free from my uncontrollable need to make other people happy, to look after them and make them feel loved. I spent many years trying to make my violent unhappy husband happy but to no avail. I then gave myself, my time and energy to work, work friends and my children.

Now to be able to live in silence and listen to the birds, to be able to sleep all day, watch tv all day, knit all day, go to town all day, read, surf the net, walk the parks and beach close to my place, visit interesting places is heavenly. I'm never bored or lonely.
But most of all getting to know myself and i'm learning to be kind and loving to me.

PS my biggest challenge is feeling the need to explain this to my friends and family who are bemused and worried about me, but i decided not to try and explain it, I decided to just be me.

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Precious, you said it for me also:

"I love being free from my uncontrollable need to make other people happy".

I wonder what made us that way. After 47 years of doing that. the idea of marriage or a live in makes me shudder. I do get lonely because I have no social friends. I find relationships with friends brings out the same feelings.

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