3 garage remotes all stopped working at once

pennrygFebruary 10, 2009

My 3 sears craftsman remotes all stopped working at once. The button in the garage still works, and the remote attached to lights in the car still work. I can re-program the remotes, but they only work for a day. Any ideas?

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Have you added anything electrical to your home or garage around the time your remotes stopped? Some things will interfere with the reception. If you did, try unplugging them and try. The wall control is hardwired. I'm not familiar with a remote attached to the lights in a car.

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No, I have added anything electrical anywhere.

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Change all the batteries.

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OK, this is bizarre. All four of my remotes, but not the one with the keypad mounted to the door frame, just stopped working a couple of days ago also.

This is with a 3/4 HP Craftsman opener on my shop building. I replaced all the batteries in the remotes a couple of months ago, so that's not it. The 1/2 HP Craftsman opener on our garage works fine, with the same remotes.

I haven't had time to look into it yet. Now, I'm really curious about what I'll find when I get to it.

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muddypond I think what you will find is your opener is in the lock or vacation mode. If so you will notice the light in the wall control is blinking. Hold the lock button in on your wall control for 3 seconds.

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You know, I didn't even look at the wall control. I almost never use it. I have always assumed, wrongly it seems, that the lock function actually locked the door. It seems it only locks out the push button remotes and not the keypad remotes. I don't like that one bit. It is dangerously misleading.

Now, it's time to go have a little chat with that "buddy" of mine that was visiting the other day. Grrrrr.

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I have changed all the batteries and nothing. I don't think I have a lock button on my wall switch, but the red light is blinking.

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pennryg I think you need to program your unit. Taking one remote at a time - press and hold the button on the remote and then press and immediately release the smart/learn button on the back of the motor unit near where all those white wires go.

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