Hi Betty in Flor-i-day

pineconeJuly 15, 2002

We received 1.6 inches of rain last two days!!!!!!!

Enjoy your day!

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Just posting to move this down.. This time of year, Betty's section of Florida has all the water it can handle. And it seems as if there is more to come.

Judging by some of her posts lately, her husbands health must not be too good.

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Gosh! this is the first I saw this post :-) I am glad I saw it.
My husband is having a hard time with his health. He had Pneumonia twice in two years. He has had Pukmanary Fibrosis for years and the pneumonia has made it worse. He was not able to walk for the past 3 and 1/2 months. Now he is starting to walk a little at times, to the bathroom and back. This is a great improvement. I just know he will get stronger and soon be able to do more for himself.
As for the rain we had last year...where we live here in The Villages... it did not hurt us.
It's so nice that y'all have remembered me!
God Bless!
Betty in Florida

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