nailing cedar shingles

odo53October 15, 2008

I am about to start installing white cedar shingle siding. The thought of all those nails makes my arm hurt before I have even picked up the hammer. Is there a nail gun that uses something equivalent to 6 penny ring shank nails? At the local home store I only see smooth shank nails for nail guns. Any advice on nails or staples and a nail gun I can buy or rent?

Thanks much.

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You can use a siding nailer, shoots a full-head nail, wire-collated. The gun may be possible to rent, and you can get stainless nails for some of them, which is what you'd want.
I hate to say it, but you could probably also use a narrow-crown stapler. Nails would be lots better, IMO.

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Thanks for the advice. Why do you prefer the nails over staples? Do staples pull out over time as the cedar expands and contracts?

I don't see many galvanized staples out there, I guess the stapler option would require stainless steel staples?

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I use stainless staples or stainless ring shank nails.

If you want unstained shingles, consider stainless or aluminum nails, or stainless staples.

I used to be anti-staple but I'm open to either now.

You can rent a gun, but depending on how much siding you have to do, buying might be a better option. You can always resell it on eBay when you are done.

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