little dog for a house dog??? need ??

pineconeJuly 15, 2002

I need to find a small dog for the house?

My hubby has heart problems and no longer wakes up when something out side makes noise. He has for ever been my security blanket at night.

My husband and I live in the middle of a Pine forest and only a telephone would reach a neighbor if I needed help.

We have a large dog but she sleeps in her 20 x 20 fenced yard at night. We put her up because she would chase deer all night and might go on the HWY.

If you have a small dog in the house would you post what kind you have and your experience. Did your rescue yours from the pound?

Cool in EAST TEXAS for a July 15,'o2 Day!

Thanks for your post!

Enjoy Your day.

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Hi Pinecone !
I personally like Chihuahuas, pure or mixed breed. For the size they are fierce little defenders of their territory, and their people. Grooming is the ocassional bath. I have had other small breeds a Mini Schnauzer and a long haired mixed breed. Unless you have plenty of time for brushing and clipping, I would pick a short hair. Try looking in the paper for free puppies. My husband and I also live here in East Texas, in our area there is a radio swap shop that comes on in the morn & afternoon that almost always has people trying to give away puppies and sometimes older dogs. Looking is just part of the fun. Good luck with your search. Hope your hubbie is doing well. Mine is just starting with tests for his heart. He had an echo cardiagram just today, with a thalium treadmill scheduled for next week. We'll keep you in our thoughts. :) Cierra

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we have a chihuahua, they are good watch dogs but can get hyper and under foot, my dad has a boston bull its small a good watch dog and a little calmer, and if you have any children visit the bostons are much better with kids.

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We had a rat terrier once and he was excellent in warning us when someone was around. Our house was being rolled one time and he kept coming to our bedroom door and whining and barking and then going back to the front where the kids were and barking and then back to us.
This is the dog that my daughter was killed for after he was hit by a car.
Good luck in your search.

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Thanks Pinecone. Chrisin truly was a love inside and out. So precious in every way. We miss her so much.
Thank you for taking the time to sign her guestbook and for looking at the site.
I hope that you can find a little dog to suit your needs.

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I AM still looking and thinking about that little dog! So many good reports with dogs that would meet our need.

Thanks for posting your replies.

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I have a shinzu.I dont know how good a watch dog they are because he has not been tested.I live in a security building.But I can tell you one thing they are loyal easy to house break and a complete joy to have.They also like big dogs and will become friends to your outside dog.Goldy

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Hi Pinecone,

The good part is that you already have a family pet. Why not take her in the house? She is probably lonely outside anyhow and would appreciate the company of you and your husband. Dogs are pack animals and enjoy the feeling of being in a group. We have large Dogs living in the house, and they are no more trouble than small Dogs. As a matter of fact, our tiny Papillon has never really been house broken,although we have tried very hard to train her, while the two large Dogs have never had an accident in the house.

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I have 2 chihuahua's and i would not trade them for anything
mine do not bark unless they feel the need someone at the door....
my husband take the older one to the airstrip with him while he flies remote control planes...everyone there loves her !!!she is now their mascot...
i just got a new little puppy...we trained her to use the doggy door..and all it took was one day....
they love their owners..and are very protective.....
mine do not shake...but some do...when u pick a puppy up, you will know right away if it is for you....i picked another one at first and she was so hyper..i put her down...i picked this one up and she just melted into my arms..........look in the newspaper everyweek.....

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Marcia Thornley

Hi Pinecone, We have a Cockapoo a mixture of miniature poodle and Cocker Spaniel. He is a great little dog. At 10 months he is 25lb. Not too big, but not too small as to get underfoot. For the most part he is very quiet unless someone comes to the door or he hears an unfamiliar noise. Noone would get in here without us knowing about it! The only drawback you may have with one of these is that they do need to be groomed. Brushed out at least once a week and clipped 2-3 times a year. We keep ours all one length, a puppy cut which is easy to care for and with a set of clippers you could do it yourself. He was very easy to train (housebreaking and basic obedience) and is very affectionate. Good Luck in your search!

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Get a dog from the pound and save a little life. You won't be sorry. I got my Corky from the pound. He was a great watch dog and pretty much ruled the roost around here. He was in charge of all the outside dogs and cats. He had a lot of heart! Nothing escaped his attention and he was always quick to give an alarm when necessary. We called him little man and what a little man he was. He died this year after having attained the ripe old age of 19.

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I agree with Brooklyn Girl...if it's possible for you to take your dog inside the house, I'm sure your dog can be trained to be "polite and well mannered" inside! Even old dogs can learn new tricks and behaviors!

If you would like a smaller dog anyway, I happened to like Bichons. I have two from a rescue.

This breed is darling, and they have such great personalities. They don't shed, but they DO need to be groomed and their hair (they don't have fur) cut/trimmed. They weigh between 10 to 20 lbs, with some a little lighter weight and some a little heavier. They are smart, and definitely people oriented, so should not be left alone for long periods of time, or left outside unattended. They WANT to be with you! I've noticed that my two have become good watchdogs, and I can't imagine ever being without these sparkling, expressive darlings!

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Thanks for all your input and suggestions. I had back surgery the 15 of August and I am just now getting back into the real world. The small dog is on my catch up list!! I understand that there are rescue organizations for certain types of dogs. I think I will start there. For you who suggested That I allow Apple to stay in the house that would be nice...but.....she is assigned to protect the chickens. At night is when the varmits try to get the chickens.....soooooooo far she has done a good job. Here is her picture with carrot!

Carrot sleeps with her.

I did let her in the house when my husband had a bypass surgery. I told her I was more important than the chickens.

Here is a link that might be useful: herbson64

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What a cuuuute photo! Thanks for sharing it!!!

I'm glad you are thinking of contacting a rescue organization -- you'll be saving a life!


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Before retiring we always had a german shepherd. When my last shepherd had to be put down, I got a corgi. Have had three of them and loved them all to bits. Reputable breeder is a must as there are some lines suseptible to immune system breakdowns (like lupus) Our ladies have always been well trained, personality plus, and very quiet unless someone is on the property. They don't know they are small and will try to take on anything Ours even barks BEFORE the telphone rings so there must be some sort of signal that she is picking up. She won't stop barking until you pick up the telephone.

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I didn't mention in my other post that we now have a Westie and a Yorkie. They are both very protective and will bark if they hear noises outside. The Westie is soooooooo affectionate. We didn't get any of our dogs from the pound but sometimes you can pick up the best dogs there. I never was a believer that the pure breed is the best, anyway.
Lulie Cosby

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My ex- had Boston Bull at home and liked them.

There was some misunderstanding - she felt that I said I didn't want one when I said that they looked as though they'd run into a brick wall.

So - she got a mini dachshund - and has had a succession of them for 40 years. Some can be a bit grumpy, but most have good dispositions. Affectionate and good watchdogs.

Have a tendency to favour one person, I think.

joyful guy/Ed

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Don't know if you saw Oprah the other afternoon, but she had info on how to keep your home safe. One person asked if they would recommend getting a dog. The man said "Yes, but get a small, yappy dog.. Good luck (My dog is a Yorkiepoo.

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We have a wire haired fox terrier. She is now 8 years old, but just as alert and frisky as ever. There is practically no shedding, and that is a plus for me. She weighs 18 lbs. Like all terriers, she was not the easiest to train (they are stubborn), but is a terrific watch dog. She has also appointed herself to let us know when squirrels are at our bird feeder.

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