Cool Island! Rebar Wire Cage Filled With Rocks

kikoApril 29, 2013

Saw this interesting kitchen on Pure Style Home. I guess it was mocked up by Tom Verellen at the High Point Furniture Market. Maybe it isn't very practical (cleaning), but it sure looks cool!

More pics toward the bottom of this post:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sagging shelf, concrete counters, metal siding--gotta' be loud in there, rough sawn 'cabinets', no drawers that I can see and a pile of rocks for an a kitchen that looks like it lacks storage. Rough wood or is that rusty metal? on the refrigerator which isn't sitting level.

It does look kinda' cool but actually living with that??? No Thank You.

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It is just a mock-up at market (a display for selling things not a real kitchen for living in). :)

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Can you imagine trying to clean up a spill (like spaghetti sauce or milk) on that island? Good thing it's not a real working kitchen.

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