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jannieJuly 19, 2007

I retired from my government office job two years ago. Since then I've attended retirement parties for many of my old co-workers. Only one person in my department is still there. She wants to meet for lunch. But I'm afraid. I haven't seen her in two years. I've stayed home for this whole time with health issues. I haven't done anything grand or great. What will we talk about? I'm afraid the sight of my old work place will make me cry. When I was working, I prided myself on doing a good job. I feel a little sad that everyone has moved on. In effect, I stepped off the planet. and now I want to touch down and see what it's like back there. Anyone else feel like this?

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Jannie, nothing stays the same. After I had to retire on disability I too went back for the parties for a couple of years. Then it got to where I didn't know hardly anyone so I stopped going. It doesn't bother me that I don't know what's going on there. I just tell my former co-workers how much fun it is not to have to go to work every day and recommend they do the same as soon as they can.

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I can relate to what you're talking about. Like gajopa said though, nothing ever stays the same. Time and Life marches on. I guess that's not always a bad thing.
You would probably enjoy getting together with the co worker for a short visit. You will probably have more to talk about than you realize.
Continue to take pride in the job that you did when you were working and realize also, that you are in a different phase of your life now and you have done your part when you were there. We all move on to other things in life no matter what the reasons my be.
I hope your health issues will resolve soon.

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I've found that after about ten minutes there is not much to talk about.

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No doubt you old friend has some hopes and dreams ... don't we all?

I'll bet she'll like to talk about them.

And maybe if they are sort of the pie-in-the-sky kind, talking about them, and maybe referring to some of the specific plans and actions needed to get there may start him/her thinking of the practicalities, and begin to make some concrete plans and begin taking steps to fulfill them.

Especially important if s/he hasn't taken any, up till now.

Pie in the sky doesn't taste very good if only half baked.

And the cherries, flour and shortening just sitting separately in storage don't taste too hot, either.

Who knows ...

... maybe you have some hopes and dreams of your own?

And talking of them might help you realize that, if you've made few moves aimed at achieving them, thus far, it may be time to do some good thinking ... and taking some actions.


ole joyful

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I visited an old work place today - not an office, but a wildlife preserve. Some things looked okay, and other things have suffered badly from neglect. I always liked to give the public some access so that they could appreciate what is so unique about the spot, but the current thinking is that most of it should be shut off from the public, so much of the infrastructure I designed has been left to go to hell. The weeds have taken over. I don't see that as a benefit to wildlife.

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I retired at 42 due to a life long disability. After a half year or so I went back to see people and I'd run into them on the street. All I ever heard was how lucky I was to be done working so young. At that time I saw it as having my life taken from me at such a young age. After hearing that every time I just avoided the place and everyone I ever worked with. After about 5 years I discovered that there's a great life out there, just not the one I use to live. Tom

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