is painter's caulk paintable for 1-2 months

jaansuFebruary 2, 2009

I seem to recall that paintable caulk I have bought in the past was only paintable for a limited time after use. The painter's caulk I now buy doesn't state any limited period of paint application. Is today's stuff paintable even for weeks after drying? I want to caulk some moulding I have put up but it will be weeks before all is patched and ready for painting. I assume I still need to prime caulk.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

You do not necessarirly need to prime the caulk and it should be fine to paint whenever you get too it.

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Most paintable caulks are better suited when used on a primered surface. On bare wood, fill the fastener holes, primer, then caulk before top coating. A few weeks before caulking isn't going to hurt ,but again, should be applied to a primered surface.

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Actually, this will be a primed and painted surface. I'm filling in the cracks along the moulding for a door, abutting wood/drywall and wood/wood interphases. But in any event, it sounds like I can do it now and put a final coat of paint on the whole project once I have finished filling the finish nail holes.

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If you wait that long you should clean it carefully.

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