Military Health Insurance @ Retirement

casey208July 16, 2007

We will be retiring in the next few months (@ 60) We currently have health insurance through our job, but we are eligible for TRICARE. Does anyone have any experience with TRICARE and know about supplements? Thanks.

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My DH retired after over 20 years of active duty. We have TRICARE.

There are many Tricare supplements available through USAA and insurance companies and through many veterans organizations.

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DS has Tri-Care be sure to get it It is a new life out there in retirement land hope you get a good VA Hosp

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hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: tricare prime

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Casey - If either of you is retired military, when that spouse goes on Medicare at 65 he/she should be eligible for TriCare for Life, which covers just about everything that Medicare covers. When the other spouse reaches 65, then she/he is also covered. The only cost is the Part B of Medicare. Also, as a retiree at any age, you are probably eligible to get meds at a military pharmacy, hospital, or (for a very small co-pay) by mailorder. Check with a TriCare benefits person and online. No dealing with Part D for meds.)

Here is a link that might be useful: TriCare Info

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We retired from the AF in '86 and have used Tricare for the past 21 years. We had many physicians to choose from in California, but when we moved to Oregon last year, we were lucky to find two who were taking on new patients because the payments they receive are so low, tied in with Medicare. We found a husband/wife team at a clinic nearby and we're happy with them. Even though we could have chosen health care through our work (teaching) after retiring from the military, it was hard to beat the price of Tricare versus the huge additional costs for medical care through the school district. Of course next year all that will change as we'll be under Medicare with Tricare as the secondary. Also, getting prescriptions by mail through the Tricare pharmacy program is very handy. We order refills over the internet and they're received within a week. Overall we've been happy with Tricare but we haven't had really serious illnesses so don't know what the track record is if someone has more serious problems.

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I'm on Whidbey Island in NW Washington state and Tricare has been in the news quite a bit lately. Some of the large physician groups no longer accept it and the local hospital is considering the same. According to the reports Tricare's reimbursement does not cover the providers' costs of services let alone the charges. Where the truth lies I don't know, I'm not retired military. But that's what is happening here with Tricare. Tom

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Before I reached Medicare age, and after hubby retired from the Navy, he and I were enrolled in Tricare Standard, NOT prime, meaning we had to pay a deductible and 25% of approved services and procedures. He then worked for a civilian contractor and was enrolled in ASI (Prudential) which is a Tricare supplement and they picked up the deductible and the 25%. I now have reached Medicare age, hubby is younger, and without my having to do anything, as long as I remain current with my ID card which enrolls me automatically in DEERS, Medicare pays first and Tricare for Life picks up the rest. That is for everything except prescriptions for which I pay $9 for name brands and $3 for generics at any participating pharmacy, I am currently with CVS. I can also go the base pharmacy and receive prescriptions for no charge, even though I am on Medicare.

Good luck to you, and don't let anyone talk you into a supplemental prescription policy.

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'annainva' do you pay the $110 monthly fee for registering for Part B medicare? I was advised to pay this now as there would be a huge penalty if I waited till DH was Social Security eligible.

I also am younger than DH. I do not have enough credits to collect SS on my own paid work history ( a lesson for all those military spouses who volunteer at DOD schools, hospitals and church). DH will be eligible at in 2 more years.

We have Tricare for life, plus supplemental with MOAA. We use the Tricare network pharmacies. So Tricare is still my first insurer, then MOAA. When DH retires it will be medicare first, then Tricare.We will drop MOAA.

We retired from the military 3 years ago and moved from CA to Louisiana, DH's home of record. It is very difficult to find anyone who will accept Tricare, as they inform me that they pay less than medicare. Fort Polk is located 2 hours away, no doubt bringing $$ and jobs to Louisiana.

I find that the average citizen here, unless they have family serving appear to not care about the military family or their sacrifice.

We are planning on another move this summer, to Houston TX, they have a large VA hospital there for DH's needs.

When Doctors offices repeatedly turn us away, I feel like reminding them that the freedom they are enjoying was and is not free!

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Meant to say 'older' than DH!

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The Medicare Part B Cost of Living Adjustment is designed to change every year with the expected change in healthcare and consumer prices.
The doctor services you get while you are in a hospital may be filed under Part B.
Some issues that are left in Medicare part A can be covered in Part B

Here is a link that might be useful: Medicare Part A

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