Semi-antique/Used furniture..your location (?)

palimpsestJune 18, 2012

My sister recently downsized to a townhouse in an HOA community. She has had trouble with decorating and furniture in the 30-odd years she has had houses. She goes from one idea to the next and I have seen pieces of furniture come and go, and decorating ideas come and go with little rhyme or reason.

She would like my father to stay more than overnight on occasion, particularly in the winter months when he does not like to go out much (He is almost 88). He says that he prefers to be at home, but part of it is that he prefers Order, and her house is full of drawers that don't open, cheap lamps that only take 60 watt bulbs, and maybe one comfortable reading chair in the whole house. (And since this is a new house to her, no window treatments). Remember that my parents also built their house 43 years ago, filled it with solid furniture and haven't bought a new piece excepting a recliner, since 1975.

So the order of business is the guest room, and I pretty much put my foot down and said that she had to follow a systematic plan.

So, step one, black out roller shades like in the bedrooms at home, check. New mattress, check.

A sturdy solid dresser and nightstand with a good finish in perfect working order, a good chair for taking off shoes and socks and reading, and good lighting.

He doesn't notice as much what it looks like so it can be her taste (If we can figure that out).

Anyway, there is a relative abundance of good quality, semi antique (estate sale-type) furniture in my immediate area, viewable on ebay: traditional design, Henredon, Baker, Henkel-Harris, Stickley, Drexel, old-school Ethan Allen, etc.

The requirements for the chair are that it be of good quality, and that it not need to be reupholstered. I am finding a ton of chairs, that meet the criteria but in the saddest assortment of fabric I have ever seen. It's like the original buyer bought a very high quality chair and then insisted in covering it with something from the clearance rack at Jo-Ann, in the worst pattern or colorway available.

In her location all the furniture is pretty abysmal. However she lives in a college town and most people probably give their second hand to their kids.

The type of furniture I like seems mostly available in Florida.

Can you find decent used furniture in a style you like near where you live?

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Not really, at least not without paying an arm and a leg; 'antiques' get priced quite high, and rarely, if ever, is there something with much style. I'm in a small rural town in a sparsely populated state, though, so I figure it's a combination of casual style, limited shopping opportunities for the new-furniture (which trickles down to less good used), and a sparse population meaning less available in general. I gave up waiting for a perfect drop leaf table and found a cute, inexpensive dinette set on Etsy in a totally different (but unique) style; it was shipped 1600 miles by Grey Hound bus.

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>The type of furniture I like seems mostly available in Florida.

How funny. I'm in FL and there's never anything but decayed rattan around here.

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I was on a hunt for dining room chairs a few months ago and didn't find what I was looking for, but did see lots of nice furniture at second hand places. Unfortunately, much of the really nice pieces are old fashioned at his point, mostly meaning that the pieces are heavy and/or large. If my house were twice the size it is, this furniture would fit. Your dad would think this was "proper" furniture.

We stopped by an estate sale one day and they had a magnificent dining table and chairs in a name everyone would recognize...but which I can't remember at the moment. I keep thinking Frank Lloyd Wright, but that can't be right - something arts and crafts anyway. It wasn't cheap by any means, but it was magnificent. The same house had a for-real renaissance tapestry for around $1400.

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A few towns over from me is a fantastic place owned by a design firm that does contract decorating for hotels. And when they bid a job, part of the bid is to take all the existing furniture, mini fridges, mattresses, window streatments lamps, etc., from all the rooms and lobbies to sell second hand in their huge warehouse. I was there two weeks ago and they had just done the install and were now selling every last stick of furniture from the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island, curtains, everything!

That place is a treasure trove. I have seen magnificent entry all tables fit for a castle--- literally, a twelve foot hall table, carved mahogany---for five hundred dollars. Solid brass lamps for $10, newer style wrought iron lamps with scroll-y bases, $15. Glass top coffee tables with iron bases, $79.

This stuff is made by companies exclusively for contract designing, which almost always means it is better quality than the stuff most people buy on the retail market unless they buy at the very high end. The design of the furniture is not always high end, but the construction is absolutely sturdier. Wood framed wall mirrors, $29. You get the idea!

Designers from three states shop here. They come with enormous U Hauls and buy things with no client in mind or all their clients in mind when a new job for the contract firm means the tractor trailers will be rolling in with stuff from a tear out. My friends and I go for fun and to shop! I was there the day the trucks came in from the Four Seasons in Philadelphia. They were selling smaller-scaled club chairs with pristine upholstery for $199. One of the chairs was deconstructed to show the hardwood framee, mortise and tenon construction, down cushions, etc. One designer shopping there bought fifty chairs! I took pictures with my phone and sent them to our designer, who was astounded and told me to buy three. I did, had them steam cleaned and reupholstered with fabrics he chose and now two are in the LR and one in DS2's room. For less than $3000 each we ended up with three fabulous chairs that would have cost (then) about $3500 each!

Of course, for every Ritz and Four Seasons there are 20 Westins, Hampton Inns, etc., so there is a LOT of stuff to sift through and pass over. But that stuff has its uses, too. When our oldest son was setting up an apartment for the first time (in college) we took a truck there and bought lamps, coffee table, headboard, mirror. Less expensive and a LOT better quality than the Target or the cheaper furniture stores where students usually shop.

And that's my secondhand furniture story!

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It's a mixed bag here. There are some junk shops in the city where good finds can be discovered, but not everyday! Overall, furniture shopping resources are not stupendous.

About 40 miles north in Williamsburg, there are several consignment stores that often have wonderful things at great prices. Bought my living room wing chairs at one of them. Couldn't find the petite scale & graceful look in a chair that I was after at any new furniture store...not even close! Found a sweet, delicate pair of chairs (with interesting high legs) for $100 in the Burg. Had them covered with nice fabric & I'm thrilled to have pieces that are in scale with the other furnishings in the room. That could not have been accomplished through shopping in a typical furniture store.

Estate sales can yield some goodies too. My fav ES find is a wonderful stone St. Francis statue I stood next to a clematis on a trellis. He's beautiful, aged to perfection, just the right size, and he makes me happy everytime I see him out there! Best $20 I ever spent!

Best wishes helping your sister with her home design issues. She's very lucky to have a brother with your talents & know-how!

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I check Craigslist here in Maine daily, but most upholstered pieces are the the Stay Puft marshmallow type. There is a Sherrill wing chair with ball and claw feet right now out there for $60, but it needs to be re-upholstered.

I have always admired what I have seen from this seller on eBay, although I have not seen his items in person. He ships Greyhound, which makes the shipping affordable. He buys great quality upholstered pieces and has them re-done in beautiful fabrics, with high quality work. I have linked one below, but check his other pieces by clicking see other items. I'd take anything from him, and be very happy!

Here is a link that might be useful: Member id wydevendesigns has 100% positive feedback

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Nice find, my3dogs!

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Stinky, I'm in Virginia, too - may I ask the names of your Williamsburg consignment shops? I am interested both as a buyer and seller.
Thank you!

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Bronwynsmom, for some reason I thought you were in Texas, but wondered where the heck that lovely city street lined with townhouses (the snowy scene) could possibly have been there, lol! Your Virginia location makes much more sense now... I am SLOW!

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Here in New England (mostly Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire), I've not found a good source of used upholstered furniture.

Case goods, tables and chairs--yes. There are a lot of "antique" stores that are really just very good second-hand stores. Craig's list has a lot to offer, too. There's a lot of well-made, solid-wood furniture from the 1920s to 1950s floating around.

I've never had much luck buying upholstered furniture used. I think there are a couple of reasons. First, the rare good piece that doesn't need to be re-upholstered gets snapped up very, very quickly. Second, there's a ton of cheap, poorly made, but new and fashionable upholstered stuff out there--all that ages quickly and looks shabby in just a few years, if it hasn't broken. Third, fabric just doesn't hold up as well as wood. The wood furniture that's out there might need a little refinishing, but I've been lucky to find stuff that doesn't even need that. But fabric fades, frays, rips, stains and just plain wears out, in ways that wood or even MDF doesn't.

You could just be facing the fact that a chair old enough and well-made enough to still be sturdy and comfortable is also old enough that the fabric is worn out.

And this is why I have a house full of used, second-hand furniture, except for the upholstered stuff. Most was purchased new, except for one chair from my grandparents, which had to be reupholstered.

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I'm in Florida (Tampa) and have found very good furniture at consignment shops, auctions, garage/estate sales and on Craigslist. I've also had great luck at different organizations' thrift stores.

When I'm in the market for something, on a daily basis I will put keywords in the craigslist homepage search box.

Writersblock, where are you that all you find is rattan?


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Hi Bronwynsmom! I'd think that your area would be quite the mecca for heirloom/vintage/antique shopping! Are you in Fredericksburg? (Wherever you are, it's so pretty!)

I bought my wing chairs at Scavenger's Paradise: 757-565-4125, 7059 Richmond Road.

My living room secretary & dining room chairs came from The Velvet Shoestring. I've linked you to their website. My sister just purchased a china cabinet from them, and a much nicer secretary than mine (but it didn't cost much more!)

There's also Chickadees, 757-3365, 6514 Richmond Road, and Aladdins, 757-206-1665.

Here is a link that might be useful: Velvet Shoestring

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There's boatloads of furniture to be had in this area, with prices ranging from very low to very, very high; in a variety of styles; and ranging from "vintage" and what people term the "shabby chic" look to genuine antiques. Today, if I wanted, I could drive relatively short distances to several towns some of which are full of antique shops. The area also has antique "malls"; flea markets that operate regularly and year-round or perhaps for much of the year; regular church flea markets; and annual town fairs and festivals, sometimes with white elephpant tables, auctions, and flea markets; consignment shops, some of which sell furniture; and a couple of auction houses....Pal, I'm sure you've been to Rago; there's also Brown Bros. and Alderfers. Probably others as well.

I haven't focused on upholstered pieces in a long time however, so I couldn't say offhand how much of what's out there is upholstered - and whether I'd like it. I suspect that, as is the case with many of you, I'd find many of the available pieces dowdy and uninteresting. The last semi-antique piece I bought that had any fabric on it was a Victorian side chair from one of the area's "antique" towns. It has a tapestry-type seat in maroon with flowers on it and a tobacco-colored cotton velvet back. I think I paid $50 for it; that was at least 10 years ago, and maybe closer to 15.

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I have occasional luck finding an antique or not-quite-antique quality piece used. However, for the most part, the used furniture locally is abysmal. Most of it comes from several regional chains that sell absolute junk. And much of it has been used and abused. There is one really wonderful antique store in the city that sells gorgeous European antiques, but the prices can be a little stiff. So, my home is sparsely furnished and a work in progress. I would rather have minimal furniture than something I don't love.

Good luck with making a wonderful space for your father. Hopefully your sister will be open to your ideas and knowledge and find something that will work for your father and fit in with her "style" (whatever that may be).

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Thank you, Stinky!
Not quite to Fredericksburg, but in that direction.

(Kswl, we kept a place in Texas for a few years in support of my husband's business, so that may be where you got that idea.)

Williamsburg is often on our path, and because there are so many people moving in and out, and downsizing to the newer communities, it struck me that it would be a treasure trove. And a good spot to consign some of the things I should have gotten rid of in the first place when we moved!

Sadly, most of what has come through my family is just old, but not valuable. Too many clergymen, poor as church mice, in the family tree!

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I have bought very little used furniture that is not antique. Antiques are somewhat plentiful in our area. We are willing to drive a reasonable distance and enjoy doing so - the hunt is part of the fun!

I don't see alot on our local Craig's list in current or semi-antique that I would buy. There used to be a WONDERFUL consignment store in the big city near me that was all home goods. Now you could find some great "used" furniture, accessories, bedding, etc. in that store. I don't believe it's still there. Estate sales are sometimes good here - you kind of have to know what areas to go to.

My3 - thank you for linking that guy!! I'm in TN but I don't believe that area of GA would be that far of a drive (4 hours or less) for us and some of his pieces are fantastic! Loved those creme checked chairs - wish I had a place they would work. I'm going to keep an eye on his listings.


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B'smom, there's also High Cotton: (757) 258-3300. They sell the most gorgeous old linens I've ever seen! If you have some beautiful old table cloths, placemats, pillowcases, quilts, etc., they'd be interested, I'm sure. They also sell some old furniture and accessories.

Not up to Fredicksburg, but in that direction...okay, I'm getting warmer...don't tell me you live in Albermarle County! You wench! LOL! If I lived a "money is no object" sort of life, that's where I'd buy property!(I respect your privacy---no more guessing.)

And the clergymen...Episcopalian?

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There is a big consignment store in one of the Chicago suburbs. They usually have lots of the higher end furniture brands at a fraction of the original cost. They also have a delivery service. Many people can't transport Craigslist finds. Turnover is quick, with new items added daily.

Here is a link that might be useful: Divine consign

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Where does your sister live?

Actually, the Boston area has some very good consignment shops. Furniture Consignment Gallery has stores in Chestnut Hill and somewhere in the further burbs, maybe Hopkinton or something. In the South End--formerly gay and now just unbearably expensive and trendy--there's Garage Sale, which fairly often gets brand new to-the-trade pieces that the clients simply loathed when they were delivered.

It still takes a long time to locate specific items.

BTW I've also had good luck with Stenella Antiques in Perkasie, PA.

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I actually have Stenella saved in my favorites. :)

Where I am there is I decent selection of sturdy furniture in decent condition. If you want a wing chair with a Queen Anne leg, you have a wide choice, and traditional case goods like crazy. I think the stuff with the better upholstery probably goes direct to the consumer at the auctions/sales this stuff comes from because dealers need to turn a profit.

But there are no real bargains to be had here, we are looking at paying $500 for a dresser and nightstand, which is much less than comparable new pieces would be. A dresser *I would like to have from Stenella is $1000.

There's no finding something that has been missed or is priced significantly below it's actual value...eBay has stopped all that.

It is actually easier to get genuine 18th and 19th century furniture in decent shape but rather unremarkable on the Sack scale, at low prices because it's not a strong market right now.

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If I may, I'd like to ask your collective expertise on where to sell something like this satinwood desk since we are talking sources of good furniture:

My mom passed away in Feb. and eventually I need to decide what to do with the things that family members can't take. This satinwood desk was a gift for Mom's 16th birthday which was in 1934. I have no experience in buying and selling this sort of thing, complicated by it makes me sad.

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Suzanne, maybe Craigslist, or an estate sale? You must have a lot of emotions come up as you consider what to do with your mom's belongings. It's hard. Take your time.

A shop in PA, Westchester County, has been sending me e-mails forever, and the owner has taken her business online! She does not have earth-shattering deals, but reasonable prices and maintains an impressive inventory of pretty things!

Here is a link that might be useful: Janice

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You could also list the satinwood desk on eBay to reach a wider audience. You would have the option of local pickup only, assisting the buyer with shipping or leaving the shipping completely up to the buyer.

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Are you sure you want to sell it? It sounds like you have a lot of emotion involved with the desk. Perhaps after some time, the pain of the loss will be eclipsed by the fond memories, and you will want to have such sentimental items around the house.

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Oh, Stinky, don't I wish! The Plains calls me...and some of my ancestors came from Loudoun county.
I am being a little evasive, I realize.

But I confess to the Episcopal clergymen. How did you guess?

You'll recognize this, because of where I suspect you great-grandfather was the rector of Christ Church in Irvington. It's one of the most beautiful country churches I've ever seen, with it's Georgian cruciform plan and its limestone floors.

And that's all I'm saying'!

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I lived in Yorktown Virginia for 11 yrs and am familiar with the shops in Williamsburg and the Galleria in Yorktown. My friends and I would tour all the shops monthly. Va Beach used to have a lot in the Antique District till that all changed.

I used to live in Massachusetts (just west of Boston) so I am an old yardsaler and antique and consignment shop lurker from up there!

I found a few things there that I have here with me on my last move to our retirement home in Space Coast Florida. There are a lot of antiques here, but the primitive stuff somehow look so ragged and dusty in this Florida light. A few new consignment shops have sprung up with the West Palm Beach look and better used furniture but the prices are climbing.

What I found for my home all needs refinishing and changing to fit my style but I will take my time and do one at a time. I want less accessories so I will dust LESS here.

Good luck with your hunt!
CL nationwide hunt link:

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francypants -- thank you for your post!

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All the hospital thrift shops get amazing stuff around here. The Bryn Mawr Hospital and the Pennywise Shop get the best.

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I worked with a receptionist that scored things like Gucci and Chanel bags at the above. Once, one that was New With Tags. Some people are so discreet that it would be embarrassing for them to return a gift, I guess.

We did, so far, score a nice 50 year old Ethan Allen dresser, large mirror and nightstand, for less than the asking since I wanted all 3 pieces. It's colonial revival, a little hokey, but solid as a rock and a much better replacement for what was there. There were actually a couple whole sets. (I found an entire set, much larger, of this sister's childhood bedroom furniture,(grey-blue Louis XVI) which I love, too).

I don't want to do a set, so two matched pieces is enough.

I don't know why but I have always responded to the mature-looking but "Juvenile" sets from the 60s for bedroom furniture in a good way. I love my Ethan Allen Room Plan, but I don't want to be sleeping in a twin bed with a bookshelf headboard and writing checks at a student desk, so when it is time to sell my parents' house, I suppose it will end up in a place like these.

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"I actually have Stenella saved in my favorites."

I stopped by there a couple of years ago. I didn't find anything I wanted, but I should visit again, as they sure did have tons of stuff to look at.

"It is actually easier to get genuine 18th and 19th century furniture in decent shape but rather unremarkable on the Sack scale, at low prices because it's not a strong market right now."

Which is what one of the experts at one of the local auction houses told us as well - not about the Sack scale, as I've never heard the term before. But that 18th/19th/Victorian can be had at excellent prices these days.

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Albert Sack wrote a book categorizing antiques into "Good, Better, Best" that was subsequently revised as Good, Better, Best, Superior, Masterpiece.

Based upon what I've seen, maybe there should be a "Meh" category below good, but I was just using this as shorthand to say that you are not getting anything too spectacular or rare at low prices, but decent journeyman antiques are really accessible right now.

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"I don't know why but I have always responded to the mature-looking but "Juvenile" sets from the 60s for bedroom furniture in a good way. I love my Ethan Allen Room Plan, but I don't want to be sleeping in a twin bed with a bookshelf headboard and writing checks at a student desk, so when it is time to sell my parents' house, I suppose it will end up in a place like these."

I had one of those sets in the late 60's. Dark blue with white Formica? tops. My parents kept the pieces after I left home. The only thing I didn't like was if you were careless with the hinged top on one of the desks, you could break a hand. Came down fast and heavy.

You're welcome, StellaMarie. Hope you find/sell something good there.

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I had the nutmeg with the wood tops, and my desk is a regular looking desk, just smallish. Mine did not have the laminate tops. I think the other offering at the time was ivory with the ivory top, and the dark blue was either uncommon or later--I've only seen a couple of pieces of that.

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Hi, maddielee. I'm in Stuart, and there are a few consignment shops that have slightly better quality stuff, but they all operate on the belief tha furniture gets more valuable as it gets used more. All their merchandise is always more than the same piece would be new.

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I'm in Denver. Sigh. No, it's not easy. I love living here for all the other reasons, but it's a furniture wasteland. (Unless you want log beds or cheap transitional from Jake Jabs)

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There seems to be good selections here, but prices seem pretty high. OTOH, I found a good store about 45 min away, and that's the guy who reupholstered the channel back chair. I need to go see them as they've expanded their space.

I really don't get out to the stores that often. I really need to take a few days here and there now that I'm on reduced hours in the summer to just have some fun. I don't really browse CL since especially during the school year I really have no time.

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In Denver it would be possible to pull off a decent guest room for a reasonable amount, you may need to wait to find what you are looking for. Here is what a 5 minute CL search found, some not specifically the brands you requested but a step or two down, still not junk, and suitable for guest room use.

Denver CL:

Herendon chair: $225

Ethan Allen chairs $400

Thomasville chair: $75 Fabric is a little funky but could be worked with, it isn't hideous IMHO, especially if paired with antiqes, or it could be reupholstered at this price:

Antique dresser $500

Eastlake Dresser $450

Wow this is lovely and inexpensive...only a full but it would work for one person..
Victorian Headboard $225

Could be cool or manufacturer listed and I don't know 40's furniture but love the dresser...
4 pc bedroom set, Burl wood with Bakelite handles..

Lots of MCM stuff in the antiques sections, the chair would probably be the toughest piece, plus upholstered items would need to be super super clean.

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Pal, I recently found a new (to me) source of antiques that are quite different from what I'm used to finding in PA. (Where all the antique shops look the same after awhile)

I recommend a day trip to the town of Point Pleasant NJ. There is a plethora of antique shops, but the largest is the Point Pleasant Antiques Emporium on the corner of Bay Ave and Trenton Ave.

Of course it's summer now so beach season. I've been popping in over the winter when the place has been rather quiet. I was especially taken with the furniture styles, prices and variety.

Maybe a lot of those pricey shore homes in the area redecorate often! ;)

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I guess I could be a little more specific...

Arnold Avenue is the main shopping drag and there are antique stores as well as a decent fabric shop. Along Bay Ave. (as you walk toward the big 3-story Emporium) are more used furniture and new furniture/decor shops. It's pretty much decorator heaven. Not all seashell/sailboat either.

Parking is over on Richmond.

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Can you find decent used furniture in a style you like near where you live?
Yes and no! Its funny but it seems that my area or county (S.E) is broken down to areas you can find certain things. If you want oak you would go to Royal Palm Beach or Lake Worth surround or certain southern areas of Martin County. If you want Rattan or wicker you would go to Lake Worth or parts of Martin County. For faux cherry woodish you would find lots in the western section of West Palm, Boynton and the southern section of Palm Beach Gardens and Wellington. For Modern furniture you have to go south towards Miami or the new high-rise areas of West Palm Beach. For older furniture styles in near mint condition like older Ethan Allan, Sherril ect you would look in Hope Sound, Stuart or coastal area's north of there. However, they all treasure their used stuff and it's hard to find a deal. For wow unusual mild cheese stuff for mansions you would look in Boca. I do see some great deals on CL for nice things you and your dad would like occasionally in all areas and they are very very inexpensive if you can beat all the new 2nd shops or consignment stores to the punch, they buy whole estates to a piece. The new/old stores are making it all a bit harder to score. From 2004 to 2010 we didn't have many of those shops still in business but now they are popping up all over. All but one has ridicules pricing. However, after writing all the above I have gotten my best scores in the most unusual places.
I really love many of the vintage bedroom sets but I so far haven't found one that husband likes. I read somewhere that up until the eighties 50% of all furniture bought in the U.S came out of North Carolina...heck, even the lower end stuff is still solid to this day. Well some might be a bit beat up but it's still together and the finishes are still pretty good. I can't bring myself to buy a new set because even when you spent on the highest end of Mid you still get crappy finishes and very little wood. I'm mostly disgusted with the way things are made these days. It seems you have to be prepared to spend very high end if you want to get a few years out of a piece of furniture and that's not even a guarantee.

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Can't find what I like here either. Like you said, if it is the lines I like, the fabric is atrocious.

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Not at reasonable prices. I'm a MCM fan...and NC is not the best place to find it. Occasionally I get lucky...but I've been finding much of my stuff on Ebay. Thank goodness for greyhound terminal-to-terminal shipping! (I was willing to recover is the lines I'm looking for.)

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In different places I see suggestions to start with...
How to respond to social backlash aimed at your mid mod aesthestic? R
Today's retrorenovation blog was filled with subjects...
lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b
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