Retirement pension and Social Security

downsouthJuly 12, 2005

My husband will be getting an average retirement pension when he retires, definitely nothing to brag about.

Will his Social Security amount be reduced when he takes retirement at age 62 because of this pension from his job?


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The answer is NO. Social security is totally independent of other income. Even millionaires get their full social security. However, this type of question should be answered by the source: SOCIAL SECURITY. They are there to answer all your questions.

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YES....BUT probably only apply to people getting a government pension (civil service). SS should be able to tell you; it is supposed to avoid "double-dipping" by certain high-paid people like the legislators or high governmental official but it hurts the "little people" more.

Only SS will be able to tell you if it applied to a private company's pension.

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As a Civil Service employee I agree with First User. It hurts a lot of "little people." To my understanding Federal employees don't pay S.S. Some have special elective plans which are MUCH better than S.S.

Those married are exceptionally blessed too. Their basic retirement is less. The remaining spouse gets a percentage.

Isn't it all fun!


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