deadbolt that sometimes jams, what is problem?

jaansuFebruary 27, 2008

I have a Schlage deadbolt installed in an exterior door, 5 yr old, that occasionally will only partially open. At these times, I can't turn the key further - it seems to be stopping on something. If I continue to turn it out and in, I have eventually been able to get it to withdraw totally, at which point it functions normally for another day or couple of weeks. I fear at some point it will remain in the locked position, effectively isolating me from my garage.

Anyone know what might be causing this and how to fix? Should I disassemble the lock and look for something that is being caught?

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Call a locksmith.

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Buy a new deadbolt. Easy to replace. just follow the directions on the package.

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I do most of my own locksmith work. Take it out and inspect it. But get it working properly one way or another. Imagine that one day it may not open at all.

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If it has worn parts and is jamming up it makes more sense to just replace it than working on it then have it jam up with the bolt extended into the door frame.

Just replace it. cheaper than calling up a locksmith to take it apart while the door is locked shut. I can imagine what that bill will be. A service call, time spent to take it apart, then the cost of the new deadbolt.

Just replace it. Not that big of a job. Holes are already drilled and the directions on the package are fairly well written. Couple of bucks for extra keys. If you want it keyed as same as the knob, get a set. Knob and deadbolt that are keyed the same.

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If you want it keyed to match your own keyes (we have four doors that take the same key) it is possible to do this. Saw a sign at the big box store asking if you want to match your own keyes.

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sorry I can't recall the brand but my son just put new locks and deadbolts on his house, the brand allows you to set the lock to the key, this will at least get you started, also, check that its the deadbolt with the problem and not the door frame.

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There is one thing you can try before changing/repairing the deadbolt. Get the proper screwdriver and check the tightness of the two screws that hold the halves of the dead bolt flanges together. Quite often if those screws are too tight or one is tighter than the other, the deadbolt/latch will bind.

Check for unusual wear on the latch---to see if the deadbolt is rubbing against it.

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I have Schlage deadbolts also and they occasionally stick. I loosen up the flanges and spray some powdered graphite in the mechanism and also around the bolt itself. That usually does the trick.

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Thank you all, I'll try taking it apart and spraying in some lubricant.

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Hi, How does the lock work with the door open? Sometime a change in weather or a sagging door will bind the latch in the strike plate and give you the problem you have.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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My Schlage deadbolt was doing that too. DH found that the screws were loose and the whole housing with mechanism had rotated. He had to re-align it before he re-tightened the screws. I hope it stays put this time. Best of luck. Sincerely, Connie Cola

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The two screws were tight and no sag to the door. Taking it apart, I can see that a long metal piece that was attached to the deadbolt housing had come loose, probably due to all the slamming this door gets. I reattached it using an epoxy glue and, for the moment, it seems to be working. If it screws up again, I'll just swap it for the laundry door deadbolt, same key, which we never use anyway.

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