Blown insulation

bus_driverFebruary 3, 2012

Working on a house built about 1967. Attic insulation is a blown-in mineral wool. I know it is original to the house. In some of the work at this time, the insulation is gathered into a bucket and then poured back out. Compressed a bit, unfortunately. The cellulose available is tightly baled and renting a blower for installing just part of a bag is not practical. How to fluff up limited amounts of the cellulose? By hand does not yield good results.

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Buy batts of fiberglass and drop in, done.

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This is for small irregular areas.

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The only thoughts I have are entirely unacceptable, either using your dryer or building a silo of some sort and using a shop vac.

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Been pondering this for a while.

Several possibilities, most somewhat involved.

5 gallon bucket with lid. Drill hole in lid to allow the shank of a drill powered paint stirrer to be inserted. Insert stirrer, and install on drill(1/2" or bigger). Put chunk of insulation in bucket, put top on bucket, 'mix' the insulation.

Three heavy trash bags, put inside each other. Put in chunk of insulation, roll/thump/whatever to loosen the insulation.

Almost hate to say this one because of probable burnup of tool if too much insulation is thrown in at once. Hand held leaf vac(with bag). Toss in small---less than hand sized---chunks.

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With blown in that old, I'd suggest they bite the bullet and have you blow in a small layer to cover everything. Most places let you use the machine if you purchase the insulation from them.

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The bucket and paint stirrer idea sounds like a good match for my needs on this project. Far better than trying to fluff it by hand. Seems to me that the cellulose bundles are compressed far tighter now than in some years past.

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