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pineconeSeptember 15, 2002

SPIKE sure would like to see the investment forum open up!!

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Spike may have thought that there was enough poor investment advice going around without the Garden Web adding to it.

Some of the advice was good, but some of it really was foolish. I sure hope that some of it was ignored. No one can afford bad advice when it comes to retirment money.

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AILEEN, I am sorry that I confused you. I did not necessarily mean the stockmarket. To me investing is every thing you do with your money.

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We don't invest our money, it is in CD's and a good thing to. My sis and a couple of friends lost a great deal of money in the stock market. All of my family and friends are hanging onto their life savings and I can't figure out why. We are spending ours and enjoying it.

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The idea is to spend your last dollar on your last day of life.

Has anyone figured out how to do that (excepting committing suicide, of course)?

Unless one wants to leave a little for one's kids - or/and deserving charities.

I think that life will be tougher for the youger generation(s) - a lot of computer work is done in India.

I heard a while ago that recently a major call centre was established there, as well. Operates in a system similar to ones here - but at about half the cost. Staff using names such as "Kathy", "Linda" etc. They'll have to amend their pronunciation if they want to pass as local when talking to people here.

Our middle class is being eroded.

If a kid age 15 invests one single dollar ...
-and gets 5% rate of return - value at age 65 will be $11.00 plus;
-and gets 10% rate of return, value at age 65 will be $117.00 and change,
-and gets 15% rate of return, value at age 65 will be $1,070.00 plus.

No allowance for the erosion of ongoing income by income tax, or of value of the underlying asset due to inflation.

Learning how money works (and the effects of income tax) is an interesting hobby - that pays well.

Many people spend more time and energy planning their vacation that how to finance their retirement.

Good wishes to you and yours,

joyful guy/Ed

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Retire Worry Free: Essays on Risk and Money Management
Product Details:
ISBN: 0975309315
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: February 2003
Publisher: Murine Press
"Nearly 8 trillion dollars were lost after the bubble and the ensuing stock market sell-off between 2000 and 2002. This bubble caused life-style changes for pre-retirees and caused 10 Wall-street broker firms to pay off 1.4 billion to unhappy investors in settlements. It has become clear that one must manage one's financial affairs and try to do a better job doing it. Personal application of Modern Portfolio Theory and unique Money Management ideas in this book will help the reader to plan better. The book also explains in detail the long hidden secret of success of the famous Turtle Trading."

Here is a link that might be useful: Buy it from Barnes and Noble

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Gosh, what a coicidence that you and the author have the same name. I think that separating me from $20 is your investment plan

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You don't invest?

Your money is in CDs?

It's "invested" - in an asset which can't grow in size.

On which the borrower pays you rent for the use of your money.

And pays you back, at the end of the term, precisely the same nmber of dollars that s/he borrowed.

Each one of which will buy less than when you began to let them use it.

ole joyful

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Greetings to who ever reads this forum.
Gee it was a shock to see a post when I had asked Spike to open the Investing forum back up in 02 and here it is May 06 and a post shows up on my original question. How nice to see.
If I remember right I was to be the monitor. But there was no need at that time.
I am glad to see the interest the forum is generated.
Keep in mind you are not supposed to list an add for anthing to sale (I should check the rule, it may have changed). I think the book would be on the gray line. I will post on the investing forum soon. Till I do to ans the subjects that have come up about "investing" Here are my thoughts.
True life is an investment in Time, Talent, Looks, Money, Food, Love, Hate, Fear, Education, Music, Land, Timber, Bank CD, Stocks, Bonds, Cotton, Gold and the BEAT GOES ON and the LIST GOES ON!

Happy Trails till we meet again,

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Be sure that your sins will find you out!

Actually, when you're out ...

... most likely your sins will get a recorded meswsage.

ole joyful

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

andras...Hate to tell you this, but all that book contains is some old and pretty common knowledge.

I'm with Devorah, and will invest my money on something with hopefully a better

Sue....enjoying retirement

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Your kids will tell you ...

... if you yell long enough, and often enough ...

... sooner or later, it usually gets action.

Sometimes the action that you want.

ole joyful

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I've only taken an active interest into our retirement accounts over the past half year. But from what I've found it seems that a bank savings account at today's rates just looses you money or at best just keeps you even when inflation is taken into account. There are plenty of FDIC banks that offer money market accounts on-line and are paying just below or above 5% interest. In these accounts your money is available and it is just as secure as in your home town bank. Tom

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