Prescription Drugs from Canada

catt11June 16, 2002

I would like to know if anyone out there (in the U.S.) has ordered prescription drugs from one of these internet companies that sell them so much cheaper from Canada? My husband and I recently ordered some from and got them so much cheaper. Has anyone experienced any problems with the drugs being "different" (i.e. less potent, different chemical composition) or anything? As expensive as prescription meds are in this country, this seems like a really great deal. My elderly parents spend over $500.00 a month on meds and it is extremly difficult on them. I hope to be able to get their meds from canada also. Anyone have any experience with this out there?

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In this area, quite a few people get their medicines from Canada, but Canada is now requiring a Canadan Dr to co-sign the prescriptions. Most Dr's near the ND border do not have a problem with this. I do not know about ordering over the internet, but like any thing else, you might not get what you think do. Here, there are busses that take seniors up to Canada. Is there anyway you could have the drugs checked thru a lab? You might check with the Canadian Gov as to the internet sites. I agree with you it is ahsemed that our Gov will not help out the seniors, and most Dr's don't seem to care either. All they care about is ordering another pill for you to take.

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