Asbestos question

lonewpcoFebruary 18, 2010

I have asbestos tape insulating my heating ducts/pipes/vents in my first floor utility room where my furnace and hot water tank are.They are mostly painted but some spots may need to be re-painted and some of the tape deep above the duct have no paint.The inspector said when I bought the house a long time ago that there wouldn't be a problem as long as you leave it alone and make sure its covered in paint.My QUESTION is should I attempt to paint some spots or leave it alone?Also there is a small piece of tape slighty loose way in the back of the furnace vent near the ceiling,should do something with that?

What about using gorilla tape/extremely strong tape to tape up the small questionable spots as well as that loose piece of asbestos tape?Thank you

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DO NOT TOUCH IT. As soon as you start touching it you risk releasing fibers into the air. The airborne fibers are a very serious risk. Consider having it removed if you can afford the expense, which will be considerable.

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