garage Doo Conversion kit

iggieFebruary 13, 2011

Recently someone posted a web site where a kit can be purchased to convert a garage door from the spring cable type opening system to one using the torsion rod setup, if anyone has the site and can post it I would greatly appreciate it, try as I might I cannot find the message in the old posts, thanks Iggie

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There is quite a bit of hardware involved here. I think it might even be close to the price of a new door. I would call around and get some estimates. I don't recommend any DIY when it comes to torsion springs.

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I had a new garage door bought from a big box store and they had some names of installers there. He installed door and new hardware for I think about 250-300, and took the old door and hardware and recycled what could be. It would probably be worth it to have someone who really knows how to do this properly do it for you.

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Just to emphasize what don_1_2006 said about torsion springs: there have been quite a few case of serious injuries and deaths caused by non-professionals messing around with torsion springs on garage doors. I think I remember another thread here on GardenWeb where someone mentioned that they lost most of their lower jaw from such an accident. This is one DIY situation I wouldn't get close to.

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