'The Villages.'

betty_the_villagesJune 23, 2002

I have been reading about people wanting to know about living in "The Villages" here in Florida. I already wrote this to others in other forums, just did not want you to miss out on a great retirement community in Florida if you are trying to make a decision on where to retire to. We are in our 80's and clear at the end of our jouney here in this world and looking forward to our next stop for eternal life with God!

"The Villages." All the activities and plus's are here! We moved to Florida over 55 years ago. We know Florida, and the reirement communities here. We have lived in several. We were in Real Estate for over 27 years in Orlando, Florida.

We wish that we would of moved to "The Villages" over 10 years ago. We found that it is the best retirement community to retire to. If we ever get that we cannot drive our car; we can use our golf cart (we don't golf) to do all our shopping, medical needs, or go to the doctors.... even the hospital, we just had a new hospital built. We have the option to use our golf cart or walk, ride our bike, take the "The Villages" bus or use "The Villages" cab. To us this is VERY important. Besides all this, we live safe and can sleep with our doors open and never worry about crime. If we go away we have several men that do neighborhood watch of our homes, the lawn care and much more. Living here in "The Villages" is like the next thing to heaven when you get to be our ages! I will be glad to write you about any questions you have about"The Villages." Living here is affordable and rewarding.

Come visit "The Villages"!!!


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We'd love to retire there. Years ago, I was one of those 'sun-worshippers'. However, now, in our 60's, I just cant take the Florida heat. (I know,everything is air conditioned.) But, you do still have to go out.

Enjoy it, sweetheart.

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I just moved within the City of Santa Rosa, CA to a retirement community called Oakmont. You can visit their website at Oakmontvillage.com. We seem to have the same amenities Betty has at The Villages without the heat and humidity. The San Francisco Bay Area has a mild climate. There are 3000 homes in our community, mostly single family, with a scattering of duplexes, triplexes and 4-plexes. Their is also an assisted living facility. We have banks, a small grocery store-deli, medical and dental offices. I am 60 and still working but I love the quiet neighborhoods in Oakmont.

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Linda - how are the prices?

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Betty - do you ever get tired of having everything right there? I don't know, my husband and I got the Villages video and it just all seemed too perfect, too planned, too stepford wives-like. We love the spontanaity of getting up and just deciding to drive down the coast for the weekend or going to a little ethic neighborhood for good Italian food or just exploring new places and meeting new people. Do you know what I mean? Maybe we aren't ready for a place like the Villages - although I know lots of people love it.

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First, I'll answer to Linda. You can buy a villa or house and the land here from $50,000. to $400,000. Ours cost $135,000. But we are in one of the best locations, close to town.
Next, Cattknap, No we never get tired of the convenience to everything. We can come and go as we wish. We are just 60 miles to the east coast and 40 miles to the west coast. Just 85 miles to Orlando and 8 miles to Leesbirg and a Mall. 55 miles to Gainsville and a beautiful Mall and The University of Gainsville. We have ethnic neighborhoods close by with the best Italian foods and other home cooked meals. Just 8 mile north of us is a gigantic Flea Market. It is open every weekend. Another big one south of us some 30 miles. We are centered conveniently to everything we desire to do. We do not have to stay here in "The Villages." Each day when we get up, we can do just what ever we want to. We are just 85 miles to the Orlando Air Port. We even have a limo to take us there and back for $20.00 each. If we ever get to the point where we cannot drive...we can use our golf carts, to go to everything. Also we have buses and taxies right here in The Villages. Gosh where could a person live any better?
We just love it here. But there are other retirement places here in Florida that are nice also. Others in other states too. We love Florida, we moved here from Pennsylvania. You get used to the weather and mostly love it.

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I forgot to ask you. How much are the homes in your retirement community there in California?

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Thanks for the detailed info Betty, it sounds very nice. I think we may be ready for a place like The Villages some day - right now we are in our early 50's (I'm 51)- we'd like to retire in a couple of years and buy a small historic home on some property - but realize we will need something later on in our lives that requires less upkeep and offers more convenience. We are looking at Virginia as a retirement spot (we are both native Californians but love the beauty and history of VA). I'll bet that the retirement village that LInda is talking about is priced pretty steep - we just got back from Northern California and prices were very high - but it will be interesting to hear what she has to say.

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betty, are there any lakes,channels, or dockage at the villages? it sound like the kind of place iam looking for but iam a boater and would like to have a marina within walking distance of my home or condo. also how about the orlando climate, i have always heard that you need to be at least to ft, myers to avoid any cold weather in the winter?

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There are no lakes here right in "The Villages", but there are lakes all around and near "The Villages." There are many places near here to dock a boat, but you could not walk to them. As I said before, we are close to Oceans on both sides of "The Villages" here in Florida.
The Orlando climate is a few degrees higher than where we are, but not noticable. In the winter we do have maybe two or three nights go down to 28 - 30 degrees. But not every winter. The winters are just great here. We came from Pennsylvania and it just took us about a year to get used to the weather. Maybe,it would be nice in the winters to be further down south, but there are pro's and con's about going down that far south in Florida. It is so busy further south and the crime is bad. Plus the Real Estate is higher in price. We have a son that lives down in West Palm Bay. He loves it; but he is young.
We are having lots of good things happening here for the 4th of July. We can take our pick and still not have to travel. It is all here. :-)
Betty in Florida

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The prices are expensive here. I am renting and am paying the same as I was for a noisy apartment with trashy neighbors in a commercial part of town. To buy a place at Oakmont the cheapest is $259,000 and range all the way up to $799,000. California is expensive but the weather is great. No humidity. Mild climate. Oakmont is only 6 miles from downtown Santa Rosa for shopping and dining. Another quaint little town of Kenwood is only a couple of miles away, more restaurants there and we are surrounded by wineries which have wine tastings.

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The Villages are great for some people who like an active social life and everything close-in. For the nature lovers or the not ready to be called "old" scene, perhaps not. I know at 51, I would not feel that's the life for me. We are in the process of moving to a rural area in Tennessee. After the fast-paced life and crime in Orlando, I'm breathing a big sigh of relief. We love the freindly people, the beauty of the area, the uncrowded roads. We want to just "mellow out". If you've been very busy and want something just quiet, the Villages doesn't seem like it would be for you. One of my best friends parents just relocated to The Villages from Pennsylvania and love it though. I'm thinking it's just to "busy" for most. And look out for the singles with the "STD's"! Ha! Yes, there has been a problem with the elder folks there passing them around. Who'd a thunk? Enjoy but please, use protection! lol

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Just wanted to check in and see that Betty and anyone else living in Central FL is okay after the tornado/storms. It must have been very scary!

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Bici and all,
The Tornado did not hit our home, but here is a look at the houses that were hit in "The Villagea"
I thought you might like to see the Extra paper the Daily Sun published.


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I didn't check Betty., Did you post over at the kitchen table? people were worried about you over there. I'm happy you were safe. you immediately came to mind when the news was on.

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Have been wondering about you & glad to hear you're okay. Will look up the site you offered.

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Betty. I am really confused. The last time I heard about you, you were living with a son in Florida but not in the villages. Please update me if you will.

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Thanks for being some concerned....smile!
It has been 5 years since I wrote that beginning post here on the retirement forum.
Since that time a lot has happened in my life.
First my husband passed away in the early part of 2003. My son in Ocala, Florida (25 miles north of The Villages.)then had me move with him for a while. I sold my home there. Then a home came up for sale next to my son and I bought it. My son was all for it because it was an older home and needed a lot of improvements. He thought it would help me with my depression of my husband's death. I dove into that project and it turned me around. My son and his wife were always taking me out to dinner and get togethers with other friends. and I felt like I was out of place...there were always couples and I was the only single person.
I got on the Internet at Yahoo Personals and looked over the older men there that were as lonely as I. I was thinking maybe I could find a widower in need of companionship that lived in the same town as me. Not to be serious...gosh I was 80 years old....smile!
I found two men that were close to where I was. One right in the same town and the other 43 miles away in Leesburg, FL. So I joined the Yahoo personals $19.95 per month...smile I wrote them both and got to know them some through e-mail. The one in Ocala where I was wanted to come see me right away. I held him off as long as I could. Then I gave in and (dumb me) I told him where I lived. But, it turned out that he was a nice guy. He came bringing me flowers and some donuts....smile. His picture in the personals looked some different. He now had a long beard and whiskers. But he was nice...only too agressive. I let him know right off I was not interested. He was so dissappointed he ask me to still write him and give him another chance. I said I would and said "Good Bye!" And I did write some back and forth with him. I was still writing to the other man that lived 43 miles from me.
I decided he was too far away, as I only wanted a companion, close by, to go out to dinner with my son and wife and friends as a couple. I thought he was too far away.
He quickly wrote back and said he did not hink he was too far a way. He liked to drive. Well. I thought ok. But let's get on the instant messenger and learn more about each other. So he agreed. We had conversations every night and sometimes duing the day...for about a month. I learned a lot about him and he learned a lot about me. We found out that we were very compatable and liked the same things and both the same religion. So we decided to meet. I felt safe in giving him my address. He was to come over the next day at 10 am. But, he was not there at 10 pm. about 10 minutes after I got a phone call from him. He was at a restaurant 2 blocks from my home and wanted me to come there to meet him, he said he did not feel right coming to my house when he had not ever met me in person. He thought it was not right. I thought that was silly, after all we had got to know each other so well over the internet. He said he would be in the parking lot standing by his car. I went up and met him. When I saw him I knew he was OK...smile! We went in the restaurant and had coffee and talked. Then he folloed me home. He had brought some CD's of music that we both liked and also a game of Dominoes...smile. He taught me how to play dominoes. A game called Chickenfoot Dominoes. It seemed hard for me to learn, but finally got it down pat. We enjoyed the day and later had coffee and cake. He had a box of chocolates for me. We just hit it off so well. We started seing each other and he drove over to me when we went out with my son and friends. It was so ice to have someone. We went out for about 3 months and he ask me to marry him. I said yes and we have been married for 2 years now. Just could not of found a better partner. We joined a church together and now live close the Villages. We both sold our houses and bought one together on a beautiful lake here. We have now decided to sell our home and move to Tallahassee to a much smaller home. I have two sons there and he has a granddaughter. We both love it there it is all country where we are locating. I have begged him to move to the Villages, but he said he would not feel comfortable living there. Hey! that's ok...I have learned to really care about him and I want to make him happy as he makes me. Just thought you'd enjoy a Good true story from an old 83 year old lady today. And one that has been on these forums for years..back when we had to pay...smile
Betty in Florida

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Hi Betty,

Sure is good to see you posting again. I'm so happy for you and your happiness. I'm sure you don't remember me, but both of us used to post on forums here. Not too long ago people were asking about you on (I think) the Kitchen Table forum. If you get a chance you may want to say a quick "howdy" over there.

Good luck with your move. Tallahassee's a beautiful town--but since you've been in Gator country, you'll have to learn to yell "GO 'NOLES". ;-0

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Betty, you are an inspiration and what is this "old" talk anyway!!

I rememebr when you lost first hubby and was so happy later on to hear you remarried. You are one brave lady and did what I could never do. Best wishes on your Tallahassee move!!
Keep us up to date.

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I love your story, Betty. Hope all is well with you and yours. Please keep in touch. You're an inspiration to people afraid to take risks.

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Thanks for posting. Yes! All is very well with me and Bob. We get along beautifully. We enjoy our church and spend time with both our children.
So far no problems, except getting older and forgetful and trying not to forget our doctor appointments and to take our medications...smile!
We plan to drive to Pennsylvania and also Indiana before the year is out. Bob has sisters in Indiana and I still have a cousin in Pennsylvania. We have already made 3 trips to Indiana. Bob is an excellent driver. I drive some too.
God Bless!

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Good to hear from you Betty and I'm so happy you are still having a sweet honeymoon!!

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Again thanks for your comments. It brings me to something in one of my devotions...just this morning...smile!

God always has our best interests at heart. Hell take any situation a person is going through, even if it is a terrible one, and will use it for a good, overall purpose in oneÂs life.

When God is at work, it always involves risks and changes and new ventures. Why? Because God wants his people to live by faith. We need to trust in God, not in a company; to find security in God, not in a home; to depend on God, not on friends and relatives.

GodÂs plan is prosperous and hope-filled, one that will work for peopleÂs benefit. God desires that his people trust in his plan. He has not abandoned his people. He nourishes hope. He will satisfy life. He brings fulfillment.
God Bless!
Betty in Florida

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Betty, you said the above so well. What would we do without our faith.

I am SO happy to read about your new life. I have seen you around the Garden Web, Kitchen Table, Computer Help etc for years. I knew about your husband's death and then lost track of you.

God Bless You. Marcia

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