bad smell from DAP Patching Plaster

per08February 2, 2010

I am trying to rebuild the closet shelf. I removed the old shelf. The wall covered by the old wood is unfinished (bare dry wall). So I used some dap patching plaster to repair it. However, after several weeks, it still smells. I couldn't tolerate it, so I use damp cloth to wipe it out (yes, it is that soft!). So I got the bare drywall again. However, the drywall also smells a little even after the cleanup. It seems that drywall has already absorbed the smell. The whole process really drives me crazy.

How to completely get rid of the chemical smell?

The product I was using is:

It says it can be used to repair drywall. I am in west coast. Temperature is between 50F to 60F.

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How old is the product. If it's been sitting for awhile, it might be past it's shelf life, whatever that might be!

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