Help!! stair risers coverd with old linoeum sheet and messay pain

ahyOctober 20, 2010

Hi, I have an urget request and thank you for looking this. The wood floor refinishing company took the carpets from the stairs in my house and found the hardwood stairs are coverd by the linoleum sheets. They will refinish the treads only but leave the risers coverd with linoleum sheet and messy paints and glues. The glues under the linoleum sheet is messy so they will charge a lot for finishing them. But they suggest that maybe I can just put anotehr linoleum sheet on top of them to cover.

I am asking is it a good way to cover them or any other ideas? Thank you very much.

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How about painting them white. That would be the easiest and cheapest.

Another option is to buy 1/4" risers and install them over the linoleum. You'll probably have to get a good carpenter to do this.

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Thanks. I was told that the vinyl probably contain asbestosin my 1978's house. I am afraid to remove the old sheet by myself. Any suggestion?

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New carpet may be the most cost effective solution.
Some spanish style houses have tile on the risers. That might be a good solution if it fits your home style.
Or the veneer risers as the earlier poster recommended.

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