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tanzyva7June 3, 2005

My husband and I are looking at areas of the country we might like to retire to in a couple of years. One of the areas we are considering is the Tyler area. Can anyone share some of what you know with us? We hope to get to take a trip there next year to look the area over. Thanks in advance for any info you can share.

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I've only been in that area once but it is a lovely place and a lot of local activities. There, or near there, is the Texas Shakespeare theater. I'd send a link but just deleted some links the other day.

I think one of the home shows on TV built a model home hear there.

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Hi Minnie thanks for the quick response. You are right about HGTV building their home in Tyler, had forgotten but did hear about that. Thanks so much for the info. A Shakespeare Theatre sounds wonderful. I know they have beautiful roses too, which happens to be one of my loves.

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I live in the Dallas area. The Tyler area has a lot going for it. The cost of living is low, it is a pretty area with lots of trees, the weather is mild.

The only negative I can think of is that I have heard from people that are from that area that it is cliquey. The people living there are very friendly, but they tend to stick togeather and not make friends with new people.

I heard this from a couple people from that area. I was interested because my husband has also expressed interest in posibly retiring there.

The Austin area is also nice, have you looked at it also?

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Hi HappyLadi, Yes we did consider Austin area. but from everything we have been told it is way to crowded. We are also considering Hot Springs Ark. but again I have been reading that it has grown so much that lots of people think it is losing its charm.

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It would be nice if you could drive down and take a look at both places. My youngest DS Loved Hot Springs. Try and see itf they have an active Senior program in both cities. It is a good way to spend time, meet people and stay active.

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DS and I will probably drive down the end of June for a Coin show and then stop at Rudy's for a rack of Ribs. I'll see if any brochures are available and let you know.

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The Shakespeare theater is in Kilgore, not far from Tyler. You also have Marshall close by which has a fantastic Holiday light show and not too far from Shreveport.

Here is a link that might be useful: Texas Shakespeare Festival

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That "Marshall" is a Texas Marshall, I gather.

Into law enforecement, are they?

Or ... does the law enforcement guy have only one "l" at the end?

Seriously ...

... I've heard that if you consider moving to an area when you are free to choose your roosting place, e.g. retirement, that you go there and rent for a year or so, to learn what the place and people are like before you make the serious commitment of buying.

Sounds like a good idea.

ole joyful (with emphasis on the "ole")

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HaHa I'd have to look at a map to see what is right.

You got me there!!
On the Kitchen Table Forum there is a thread about the taxes the winner of that HGTV house has to pay.

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Come on down here and you will love it.The people are friendly and in the area I live in we have lots of things for seniors to do.There are clubs of all kinda and the weather is hot in the summer,but i would rather have 3 months of heat than 9 months of cold.

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I'm Retired but have never been to this forum.Someone told me to check ot your posting because I live in Tyler,Tx.Born and bred.It is a beautiful city known for growing roses a chief industry.Also Azaleas grow well here and in the spring there is an Azalea Trail in some of our older established neighborhoods.People come from all over to see the roses and azaleas.Our town is popular for retirees due to mild witers but of course very hot summers.There is an outstanding medical community and many recreational facilities.If I can tell you more, email me privately.Gabriell

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