Pier and Beam Foundation Costs

austinbirdmanOctober 21, 2006

Hey, just wondering if anyone can help me with this. I am using a local small-job contractor to put a pier-and-beam foundation under a 504 s.f. addition we're building ourselves. Anyone know what the rough costs for this ought to be? It's on normal soil with a very moderate grade. The piers will be about 2' tall each sitting on 2'x2'x1'H footings that are 2' below grade. There are 13 piers-on-footings in all.

Any estimate even very rough will be appreciated. - J.B. Bird, Austin, Texas

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Ours was $8000 for 230sf foundation, but we didn't have to go anywhere near 2' below grade. You must be in a colder climate. 6 piers and an 18" stem wall, all going about 12" below grade.

This included some patio work, so only about $5500 of it was the foundation.

Yours is about double the footage and double the piers, so I'd guess double ours, plus a bit for going deeper.

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