Apartment dwellers: Simple way to greater safety, peace of mind

joyfulguyJune 2, 2005

Some time ago, while visitng parishioners living in an apartment building mainly for seniors, I asked some whether, if they rapped on their connecting wall, could their neighbour hear it.

They said that they could.

Then I suggested that before the first person on one side goes to bed, whoever usually goes to bed first raps on the wall, the person on the other side raps back. Same with the person on the other interconnecting wall - (if it's an end unit, try to train the raccoons, squirrels or skunks).

In the morning, the last one to rise raps again, the person on the other side raps back.

That way, if someone has trouble, it will be detected within about 15 hours, when there is no rap on the wall from that person, morning or evening.

Then the person on the other side of the wall seeks help. Can't beat the cost, either - zero.

That will help some who might be worried about being incapacitated for some time without anyone knowing.

Also, one can get an alarm that one carries everywhere that lets them push a button while within 300 - 400 feet of their home phone and an attachment on their phone summons help. The security person can converse with them, usually, then calls one of several interested persons on a predetermined list, to summon help.

Set-up cost about $35., monthly fee for monitoring about $37., here in London ON CA.

Best if the persons to be called have a key to your place - or you may have to have a door lock or jamb repaired or a (large enough for a person to crawl through) window replaced.

Have a worry-free weekend, all.

ole joyful

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another thing they could do in case they had to leave in a hurry is to get one of those folding shopping carts that you use to bring your groceries in. I used to live in an apartment with my cats.
Since I never knew what the people upstairs -with kids - would do (besides letting their bathtub run over all the time, I felt it best to be prepared.
In that cart I put a change of clothes and some cash. My tin box of important papers, My computer files (on disks. I kept it by the door in case I had to leave in a hurry. I also kept my cat cages on another cart tied down with zip cords. I figured I could throw the cats in open the door get them out and leave with my cart behind me.

Also I'd suggest getting a cell phone. I had one that I bought and then would buy minutes for it. I wasn't on a monthly plan or anything. The phone gave me and my sons comfort, knowing that I could keep in contact.

Another thing that is also good is to post a list on the inside of the door as to what to do if someone found you unable to communicate. List who to call first, their numbers and anyother important info. A copy of this should be in your purse or wallet too.

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