Hopeful day in the San Fernando Valley

imraineyDecember 7, 2010

You might recall that I was whining a week or 10 days ago about my local quilt shop closing. Well, today I ran into the owner and she says she has 6 offers to buy the shop. ...and she wasn't even planning on selling, she says, she just meant to close it and retire.

She says she's been candid with each offer that her rent is scheduled to go up and that she's had 3 years of off income so she's not sure what will happen. But my fingers are crossed that someone's going to want to give it a new look and keep it going.

It's in a nice location and already has an established clientele. I think some new decor and a buyer who diversifies from the Civil War and 30s repros that Linda loves so much could breathe some real life into the place. The another shop about 20 miles away has grown like wildfire and shows no signs of slowing down so I'm hopeful and excited this afternoon. AND my fingers are crossed for the lovely ladies who have worked there for so many years and want to continue to be able to work together.

...plus I was there to pick up a quilt that was long armed.

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I hope someone is able to buy her business & make the changes to be successful in this climate. The LQS I go to is located in the basement -ground level in the back in an arsty historic district. She also favors the Civil War, colonial fabrics, but does have many other Batiks, cheery fabrics. The place is jammed packed, poor lighting, but I still go there. No solids! Which is odd I think. But I am guessing it is because a Kona Solid is just too easy to price shop on the net.
I am hopping your shop has a new life.

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I found out that one of my favorite quilt shops in Manhattan Beach is closing at the end of the year as well. The Cotton Shop as been there for years and years and they are calling it quits this month. I'm going to try and get down there to say "Goodbye" and wish them well. There's another good shop not far from them but I just loved The Cotton Shop. They were more of a fabric store but I just loved their goods and notions. Its a sad sign for the tough times we live in....


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I wish them well too!!!! Hopefully the economy will recover soon. I have no quilt shop by me, but there is a longarm business that is close by I want to visit.

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