Ceiling Tile Question

ibjamminFebruary 24, 2014

I have a couple of bedrooms that have 12" ceiling tiles and want to install sheetrock instead. I am wondering if I could just install the sheetrock over the ceiling tiles. My wife has severe allergies and asthma and hate to pull them down causing an air quality problem. I have also read where some ceiling tiles contained asbestos which I think would be easier and safer to just to leave them up and install over them. What do you guys think?

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Sophie Wheeler

Nope. Drywall needs to be nailed and screwed into the joists. The suspended ceiling grid all has to be removed and those ceiling joists addressed for level, and any utilitied that are under it may need chases or access panels. Ceiling tile isn't usually chosen to be decorative. It's usually functional, giving easy access to what's underneath or hiding watwr damage or other construction issues that need to be addresed. It's someone's bandaid, and you have to figure out why they used it in the first place.

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You'll need to determine the method used to install the tile.
You can look in the attic and if there are plastered ceilings, the next step is too remove a single tile, which will determine if the tile were glued directly to the plaster or if furring dtripd were nailed to the joists and the tile stapled to the strips.
There is a greater probability of accomplishment if the tile were glued, then with the furring strops.

The era of your swellings construction, would be an indicater.

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The ceiling is not a suspended ceiling in the sense I think of. It has strips of wood nailed to the joist with 12"x12" tiles stapled to the strips. I had thought of using 1/4" drywall installed over the ceiling tiles screwed directly into the joist.

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First make sure that the tile is completely and firmly attached.
With 1/4" you'll need to be extra careful not to break the paper on the drywall.

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There has to be more to this than already discussed.
If wood strips are between 12" tile and joists,the strips are 12" oc perpendicular to joists. Do all the 12"voids between strips at joists have fillers? Fillers wouldn't be nessary for mounting tile so there probably arn't any which isn't good for drywalling.
How is the ceiling insulated? I can't emagine bat or blown supported by the strips and tile.
Then there is the matter of moisture barriar. 1/4tr" drywall will sag big time if any amount of moisture reaches it. On the other hand if an inpreamable barriar is used,a roof leak could easily cave in a section of the ceiling.
You best fill in all the details before relying on advice of people who havn't inspected the job for themselves.

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