Matching indoor paint

piedpipurrJanuary 11, 2014

Is either Lowes or Home Depot better at matching a paint sample?
I took a sample from behind the toilet in powder room. Cut it out with a dry wall saw. About 3/4 inch

Thanks for your help.

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You'll find that at both/either, there are employees who will say that the spectrum color match is the best and all they are required to do, and those who have some understanding of the color wheel and will put in the extra effort.

Commercial paint vendors, whose business is paint, will automatically do this, because it's their business.

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The equipment used is as important as the person using it, to add to what snoonyb wrote.

Another problem is how long the paint has been on the walls. Lighting in the room affects the paint as does moisture/etc. from the air.

Meaning the tint from your sample may be different than the opposite wall.

And finally, how different people see makes a difference. I've repaired interior paint where I was not happy, but,the home owner was happy. I saw a difference---they did not.

My experience says an experienced person at a real paint store(I use mainly my local Sherwin Williams because of the staff) will do the best job.

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My local ACE hardware store has a scanner that will scan your sample and produce a formula that will match the sample. They can then mix a special batch based on the formula.

I had them mix a batch for some exterior trim and was very surprised and pleased with the result. I'm sure any good paint store would have the same capability. I don't know if any of the big box stores can do this.

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I've had good paint matches at Ace and bad ones. Attempts to match at both Lowe's and HD have been close but not quite. Sherwin Williams has gotten it spot on every time I've gone there

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The brand of paint and finish make a difference too. It also depends on where the paint is going and how visible the area is. You may have to paint corner to corner to help it blend.

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