Replace glass pane in patio sliding door

achiel142January 25, 2008

Hello all,

The double-glass pane (insulated glass) of the sliding panel of an aluminum patio sliding door needs to be replaced because the outside glass pane is broken. I don't know what brand these doors are because I just bought the house and the previous owners cannot be reached. At the very bottom LHS of the glass I was able to read the following:


Richburg, S.C.

Safety Tempered

SSCC 1630 I/8U

18 CFR 1201 II

The glass pane is held in position with black rubber gasket channel. The size of the sliding panel is approximately 36-3/4" by 78-3/4"

Any information on make, supplier, glass replacement instructions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.



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I suspect the original glass was manufactured by guardian Industries. see the link.

Option would be:
1)call their representative closest to you and explain the situation and ask for some guidance.
2) look up "Glass" in your local yellow pages and call someone for direction
3)remove the door and take to a local glass place and see if they can get you a replacement.

hope this helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Guardian Industries

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Many of the sliding glass door lites are the same size. Contact a glass and glazing contractor near you and they will come out and measure it. There is a good chance that they will have it in stock because so many door brands use the same size. Or you could remove it and take it to their shop (as sdello suggested) if you want to save a service call

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Hi achiel142,

How's your sliding door? Have you replaced it? How did it go?

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