mildew odor in bathroom

raee_gwJanuary 29, 2010

I've been noticing it for about 3 weeks. It is not coming from the shower or under the sink; I notice it in the toilet area, which is right next to the exterior wall (which is cement board covered with plaster), which has been showing some signs of moisture penetration at the top of the wall above the window. That was part of the reason for the new roof and gutter last year.

About 4 years ago I discovered that the wax seal of the toilet was leaking and had to replace rotten flooring. Would it have failed so soon?

I am wondering now how I can determine where the mildew smell is coming from (if I can) without or before ripping out the toilet or the wall. In other words figure out the location of the moisture so I know what to tear out. Is there some kind of device or method?

PS if you know anything about cement basement floors, look at my post in the basement forum. Seems I may have a moisture problem there too.

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Picking up the toilet to check is the least expensive thing to try forst. A lew wax ring os only a couple bucks.

If no problem is found(and a leak there indicates improper installation), and there is a history of water problems in that wall, that is pretty much the only other place.

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Thanks handymac. I was wondering if there is any sort of tool that detects moisure, too, so I can narrow down the area of wall to open up? (if it is not the toilet)

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I just noticed I hit all the improper keys in my first post(Insert embarassed icon here).

I do not know of a meter like that. I would start where the moisture showed a problem---window area. From that point, just taking small pieces out until there is no more evidence.

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Got to share this, in case anyone else experiences this problem! We have had an ever-increasing mildew odor coming from a bedroom/bath area. There was NO sign of moisture to be found. I paid to have our septic tank pumped, our air vents cleaned, our air-conditioner serviced, and the wax ring on the toilet replaced. We went into the attic and checked the vent pipes, and cleared around the bathroom exhaust vents. Nothing worked. I was about to tear into the walls and decided to check the bathrub drain. BINGO! A huge plug of hair had developed and was the culprit. I can't believe how simple of a fix it was, or how terrible it smelled. Sweet relief ...

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