Grouting Tumbled Stone Tile Help!

mtaylor10099October 2, 2006

Hi All,

We have just finished installing our tumbled stone backplash in our kitchen. My question is We really like the look of all the pits and character of the stone and would prefer not to fill them in with grout.

I heard that you need to seal the stone prior to grouting so not to change the color of the stone itself.

My questions:

Is it a bad idea to not fillin the holes and pits of the stone?

What do we use to seal the stone prior to grouting that will not cause a problem with the grout not sticking?

Can a enhancer/sealer combo product be used prior to grouting?

Also our tile dealer sold us non sanded grout, however due to the natural form of the stone tiles the grout lines appear larger than 1/8 of and inch. So should we use sanded grout instead?

We plan on using an enhancer as our last step.

Any help on this would be appreciated.



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I would use a grout bag in grouting and then apply whatever you want to the tiles afterward to seal or enhance them.

A grout bag looks pretty much like an icing bag for decorating cakes. You squeeze a line of grout into each joint and pack it down with a dowel of appropriate diameter laid along the joint.

I'm pretty sure Home Depot and/or Lowe's sells grout bags and I know you can get them in tile stores.

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A sealer is often used on stone tiles as a grout release - prevents the grout from sticking making it easier to clean up. However, on tumbled stones with the rounded edges it's pretty hard to use a grout release. If you get it into the seams the grout won't adhere well. If you don't want to fill the holes (I would fill them as they collect dirt, especially on a backsplash) just grout carefully and clean up any excess grout as you go. I have had success keeeping a spray bottle of water handy to flush out any grout that does get in the holes.

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Do you grout cushioned tunbled marble?

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