Should I stain this window to match the cabinets?

heidihausfrauApril 24, 2013

The previous window matched the cabinets. But on the other side of this room is a double doorwall that was replaced last winter. I just left that the natural pine color and sealed it.

So my question is--do I leave this window natural so it matches the door wall, or stain it to match the cabinets?

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I would have it match the door in the natural pine.

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What color is the counter and backsplash going to be? I think that right now that window is very obvious and would blend nicely if it was stained to match the cabinets. Of course I may be biased since I stained my window to match the cabinets!

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The counters will be Cambria Bradshaw--kind of a mix of browns with some grey and lovely little copper flecks. Backsplash----hmmmm. Leaning toward a plain travertine.

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What about wall color? With the current white walls, the window looks pretty stark. Daylight will make it look a lot different too.

Tough decision!

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I'd have the window blend with the walls, whatever color they turn out to be. Paint, or pine stain only if pine blends quietly. Dark stain if you're using a wonderful floral wallpaper with lots of dark brown. (Yes, "Not!" I know.) Although a window's a wonderful thing to have, the size and position of this one are (very typically) sort of disengaged from the other features, and it won't benefit the kitchen to highlight that.

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Good points, Rosie. The window was a better match to the cabinets before the soffits were removed. Hadn't even considered cutting through the brick exterior to get a bigger window until I looked at 2 little fishes reveal--- now I have serious window envy :(

But, I can't bring myself to paint them to match the walls--all the windows in the house are wood (natural) and I like that. I keep going back and forth with keeping them natural and sealing or staining to match the cabinets. What to do, what to do??

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Maybe you could put some samples of your countertop and backsplash near the window and look at it for color matching, if the natural pine color is picked up by the colors in the countertop or tile then that may blend nicely. But if there is a contrast that you don't like then you may be happier with the window blending color wise with the cabinets.

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I would have the window trim match the other trim in the room. Then I would pick out a lovely fabric and have a beautiful relaxed roman shade made and mount it higher than the casing. Look at Jean Stoffers kitchens. Google it and you will see what a difference a beautiful window treatement can make.
Good Luck!
Jean Stoffer is a kitchen designer in Chicago and has one of the best websites the internet.

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