I actually did it!

jennifer_in_vaDecember 26, 2013

I SEWED!!!! (doing a happy dance!!!)

This afternoon was the first extended time of sewing since close back to Retreat (Sept). I actually had an hour or little more working on my bargello. I'm at another design choice/impass that needs to be addressed, but it felt good to accomplish what I did.

Hopefully, I can get through the impass quickly and on to the next stage. This project simply HAS to get done!

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Good for you! I am off work until Monday so I plan to sew all weekend!


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Jennifer, Jennifer, you know very well you'll get this done and a vision will come to you of the finished project and there you go! :-)


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... waiting for a vision...waiting for a vision....waiting for a vision....

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I am green with envy.

Post a picture, we will help.


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Jen, Did the light bulb go off giving you sight yet???? Yeah, what Beverly said.....

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I have seen the light!

No nap during the day for the little one means earlier to bed (after the crankies, of course). So I was able to get into my room and work on the bargello last night. I worked with only a dim light on so I could 'see' the values/design...felt like I was working in a cave, though.

I think I have it ready for the next stage of sewing...design complete. Maybe today I can get the next sewing done....

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I haven't had any time to sew since Retreat either so I know how good it must have felt to you to get back to it! I'm about ready to get started myself and looking forward to it!


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Ok, gals. Here's the requested picture!

I've reached the point where I have to decide on the separator strips and border fabrics. In this picture, the are 3 different separator strips: on the far left is a Monet-looking spotted fabric that my friend had chosen, in the middle is a bright gold batik, and on the far right there is a gold with tiny white dots. I am leaning toward the gold batik...only then I have to go buy some b/c I don't have enough right now. The separator strips go between each vertical strip and finish at 1/4"

The next challenge is borders. I don't usually choose borders at this point, but with this pattern you have to have them at the top before you construct. The vertical (gold) separator strips go all the way up through the border. Since I didn't pick the fabric, this is a hard step. Normally, I would have picked the border and taken colors from that for the bargello itself. So, I'm stuck and not sure how I'm going to handle that..

Time to dwell some more...

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That will be a stunner when finished.

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Agree w/ Theresa...it's going to be a gorgeous!

I like the gold as well; would you consider a dark border, black, to 1) bring out that part of the design, and 2) , it's easier to match up if you need more fabric.
Hope to see this it at the retreat this year...

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Beautiful! I have wanted to make a bargello forever and went as far as buying two books, that was it lol.

Is this for you?

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Rosa, I expect it's for me, not that I need another one!

It was a friend's UFO that I received in strip form. It's been a little like paint-by-number trying to put the puzzle back together in some way that is sort of appealing. I've had my own fabric collection set aside for one of these for many, many years, but this already had some of the work done, so I thought "this couldn't be so hard".... I think starting from scratch would have been easier. lol

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I just googled images of bargello quilts to see what the separator strips usually look like and I didn't see any with the strips so I'm not sure if they are supposed to contrast a lot or sort of blend in. Not knowing what it's "supposed" to be like, I prefer the middle gold strip because I think it contrasts more than the monet-like fabric your friend picked out, but not as much as the gold on the far right of the picture.

Do you have enough of the Monet fabric for the border? Just a thought because I do think it blends nicely with the other fabrics in the top.

You have really done an amazing job!

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Try googling 'fractured bargello' and see what you come up with...

I don't have any yardage of anything... I personally think the Monet-like fabric to be dull and unattractive, but I do think I need some sort of print/multi colored fabric for the border. I'm not sure how lucky I'll be to find just the right (batik?) with the colors I need.

I did contemplate a Jinny Beyer border print (I have a black & gold one) but the top border actually gets cut apart with the gold separator strips, and it seems a waste of a border print to cut it apart (even if it's just the top border). Thoughts?

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Beautiful! I'm just glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't sew 'all the time'. When I'm at retreat and see all you guys sewing away, for some reason I think you all get to do that all the time. Can't wait to see it in person.


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Looks like a difficult task, but it's turning out beautifully.


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Do you need the separator strips? I like the fabrics she chose for this. You are making it work and stretching your creative brain cells ~LOL.

I also bought a book on Bargellos a few years ago, and it is on my someday list. I need patience, time, and space - that's my excuse anyway.

Glad you are getting to spend some time in your studio.

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