Paint color help for bathroom with stacked slate wall

treasurethedayJune 3, 2013

After a long year of off and on work, we're slowly finishing our son's bathroom. It will have to be a half bath for a while longer until we can get the tub surround tiled but I was excited to be able to move things into the vanity this past weekend. My husband is asking me for a paint colors to give the drywaller/painter who comes on Wednesday to finish up work on the walls.

The feature of the room is the stacked slate wall with backlit mirrors. The lit bases are in place awaiting installation of the mirrors. Picture some pendants in the place of the light bulbs. The toe kick is still to be installed.

The slate reminds me of driftwood. It doesn't photograph very well as the flash highlights the lines between the tiles.

The counter is Quantra Paramo quartz, a mottled dark army green/brown.

The shower curtain matches the biscuit color of the tub and has all of the shades of the slate:

With two doors in the room, including a louvered linen closet door, I want to avoid going too white on the trim/door color.

This is the mosaic accent for the shower, taken against the ungrouted floor tile:

I'd love to get some suggestions for the walls, ceiling, trim and doors. Our painter typically uses SW but BM suggestions are welcome too. ;-)

Thanks so much for any ideas!

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I would go with something very close to the Biscuit in order to keep the emphasis on the backsplash itself.

I would consider maybe Not diluting the impact of the stacked slate with the glass accent tile. I think it stands up very well on its own. Either way will work, but I would want one focus, personally.

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I agree with Pal, the biscuit shade.

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Thanks for your input. I definitely agree that the stacked slate is best as a solo star. The glass & stone accent tile is planned for inside the tub alcove only, across the room. Personally, I would have skipped it entirely but choosing the materials was a group effort with my husband and then 13 year old son and they love it. Some of it may peek out from behind the curved shower rod but I'll be trying to position the rod so that just the bullnose trim is visible. ;-)

Do you think using a biscuit color on the walls would provide enough contrast to go with a lighter trim? I was hoping to avoid near-white on the two doors since together they cover a huge area on that side of the room. What color would you paint the ceiling?

Thanks for your help!

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I would paint the ceiling and walls the biscuit color. I think it will contrast well with the doors and trim.

BTW I love your bathroom! What a fabulous feature wall. We are getting ready to build and I am going to save this picture!!! So warm and spa like.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Biscuit is good, or you can go with what looks to be more like a cafe au lait color in the counter and the stone, or if you really want to warm it up, you can go with a gold tone like BM powell buff

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Thanks for the kind words, aktillery, and good luck with your build.

Thanks, AnnieDeighnaugh, your input is really appreciated. I'm usually inclined to go with warmer tones but I see more cool in this room. (Although, we did feel that the biscuit fixtures looked much better than a stark and cool white.)

What would you think of a biscuit that shades toward a khaki? Or something like this?

Contemporary Bedroom by Bend Photographers Indivar Sivanathan

I'm not sure what color this is... any ideas?

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I think you could paint out all the trim inside the bathroom the wallcolor. I don't think it's necessary to have any white woodwork in this room.

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I'm with Palimpsest about the trim and the doors - same color as the walls. It's a very sleek, sophisticated look in the same vein as your wonderful materials, and will quiet the whole business down visually so that those materials will show to best advantage.

I'd also use the same finish on everything, with a soft sheen - B Moore's Pearl finish comes to mind. Modern lower lustre finishes in high-quality paints stand up to bathrooms better than they used to.

And I'd shade the paint a little deeper than the biscuit, but with the same tone, so it will stand up to your finishes and offer a little contrast to the pale biscuit. Not so deep as Powell Buff, but perhaps something like Sherwin Williams's Antique White SW 6119 or Navajo White SW 6126, or B Moore's Cameo White or Bone White?

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Not sure if it would be in the Biscuit family...but what about a lighter version of your counter/floor?

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I like Valspar's Dove's Cry. It is a really nice neutral Greige that changes colors between a gray and a taupe depending on the day and light. I have it with Chalice Gold tile and listello that includes peices of broken slate and New Venetian Gold granite in my master bath which has biscuit fixtures and a creamy white trim.

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That's an interesting thought, painting the trim the same color as the walls. I believe I can picture the effect you're describing and I think it might look good in this situation. I have to admit a bias against it though from many years ago when I followed the advice of a former painter who told me to paint all of the crown, doors, and trim in my LR/DR and foyer the same taupe as my walls. (That it "didn't matter.") The LR/DR has since been repainted but I'm still looking at the same sea of taupe in my foyer and I can't wait to tackle that area later this year.

I think part of my challenge on this bathroom is that it is leaning more contemporary than I am used to... that, and the fact that I've never decorated with such an obvious statement as this slate wall.

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