Dec 2012 Quilting/Sewing hopes....

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLDecember 1, 2012

I've been on this site a few times today with the intent of posting this months goals thread. Have forgotten to do it every time!

I can't think about many sewing goals for this month, hopefully at least 4 more neck warmers and finish the little quilt for Markie.

I'm thinking it's going to be a rough month for all of us in one way or another. Try and keep a smile on your face and in your heart.

What's your plan to keep sane this month?

Merry Christmas to you all.....


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My hopes for December are to finish the Christmas quilts. DD sent me more blocks for the Zelda quilt this morning and I have been busy working on them. A friend came out this afternoon and helped me load DS's quilt on the frame. I will be happy to finish these two quilts. My friend wants to use my frame to quilt a gift for Christmas. I will help her load and quilt it. I think I will take a break when I get these finished. I do have ideas for quilts for next year.
Linda OH

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I have 7 swap blocks to make and send off. Planning/hoping to work on them today.

Other than that, I have no sewing plans. I'm between projects so have to decide what to jump into next. Plus the next 3 weekends are pretty full with church stuff.


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Cookie baking. Three varieties down; six to go. I always made about 70 dozen every year. I give them as gifts and use them for holiday celebrations.

Singing. Next week my chorus has two rehearsals and three performances. Yikes!

Job. We have a big deal closing this month that will take a ton of time.

Quilting. Not so much. But I do have to get the fabric cut to take along on vacation in mid-January. I plan on doing the piecing on my king-size Marimekko quilt in Hawaii.

I just realized that I have only one more holiday season after this one to get through before I retire on my 70th birthday in mid-November 2014. Maybe then things will be a little less hectic. Although, after listening to what all you retirees do, it seems I may be even busier after retirement.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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loisf. Sounds like your "vacation" will be filled with more than just relaxing. I can't imagine working that long. Thirty years of teaching special ed was great, but I was ready to stop.

You must be really ready for a change. I don't find that retirement gets slow or lazy, just that you do things you didn't find the time for I age I have to admit things take me longer than they did before!

I'm pretty sure I'd like the scent of your kitchen. Have a wonderful sing too.


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LOL Lois, I should have listed those obligations, too:

Rehearsal Mon & Wed from 6:30 - 9:30
Performances Sat & Sun at 5 and 7
Guild board meeting before rehearsal tomorrow
Finance committee meeting Tues

Next week:
Bell rehearsal on Thurs
Bell performances at Disney Fri & Sat (2 each night)
Hubby's company Christmas Party Sunday

Church - 5 services Dec 23 am, 3 Dec 23 pm, 8 Dec 24 pm (I'm only involved in 3 or 4 over the 2 days)



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How's it going, gals?

Linda OH, You think you'll be quilting Christmas Eve? lol Just kidding as you are really oriented at getting your quilts completed on time. How about your friend? Did she get her's done yet? What are your thoughts for next year?

Donna, I know you'll be glad when all your meetings, rehearsals and performances are over. But, that's expected at this time of year.

Lois, That's a lot of cookies!! We just received a Cookie Bouquet from our daughter and family. If your Marimekko quilt is like the ones I've seen (squares sashed with white), that's a good choice to take with you on vacation.

LindaB/CA, I agree with you on retirement. But, after being retired for almost 7 years, I still enjoy not 'having' to get up at a certain time, and that my time is mine to do as I wish.

I finished two quilt tops except for outside borders. The Crumb Surprise used up almost all of my crumbs and the WOB/BOW/pink D9P still needs a border. Haven't decided on a name for it yet but I'm pleased with how it has turned out.

LindaOH mentioned she has thoughts for next years quilting. I hadn't gotten that far yet, have you?


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Sharon, I hope I'm not quilting on Christmas Eve! I just finished the last section of the quilt and now have to cut and add the borders. The end is in sight! I hope to finish it today and start loading it on the frame.
I finished DS's Mario quilt but it still needs binding. My friend finished her quilt this week and bought fabric for the binding yesterday.
One of my ideas for next year is to make a Storm at Sea quilt for myself. I bought a specialty ruler last summer but haven't had time to try it yet. It is the Storm at Sea ruler made by Creative Grids. My DD bought me a book for my birthday with lots of different Storm at Sea quilts in it.
I should get back to work if I want to finish it today!
Linda OH

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You ladies are so busy, it makes my head spin. After retiring from the greenhouse business, I swore I'd keep Christmas simpler and it was last year and is again this year. Only one quilt went out for Christmas, my last hand-quilted full-sized one I suspect. My paws are still sore from finishing it off. LOL I have been altering blouses and working on a cotton quilt top so I can try out my free motion quilting foot. Also getting an antique rocking chair ready to re-cane the seat. About to make some white percale pillow slips from a large yardage of nice, heavy white cotton I inherited from another quilter. Yes! Nothing like crisp white cotton pillow slips on a bed with a handmade quilt. Luddite, I am.

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My swap blocks are done and ready to mail tomorrow. Things should calm down for us after this weekend, so I'm hoping before the end of the month to get started on the Blackford's Beauty quilt for our friend who is retiring.


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Hi there.

December hopes?...hoping to get to Dec. 31 without having a meltdown!!LOL.

Just kidding! I am usually stressed at this time of year but this year has been different. We downsized (again)with the preparations and gift giving. We also bought mostly gift cards as presents and that eased the stress a lot.
So I am relaxing and enjoying the Xmas anticipation. I am working on a few table runners using the pattern from the link below. They are looking good. The actual quilting won't be finished until after Xmas...doing just tops. They will e gifts for next Xmas.

Hope you all have a joyous and blessed holiday season.
Special thanks to Sharon for keeping us on track with her posts about the monthly goals. Sharon....I appreciate it...thank you.

Simply a Pleasure


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We're counting down eye surgery is tomorrow so I'll probably be MIA for a few days. I have a few gifts to wrap and plan to do that tonight for our gift opening with DD and her family this coming Sunday. No stress this year.....seems to be going smoothly so far.

Geraldine, You are so welcome for the goal post each month. Started out being to help me remember what it was I wanted to do that month and to keep focused. lol

I didn't get as many UFO's out of the house as I thought I would this year, but for the most part, I'm ok with it. I also was thinking about making table runners again this coming year. I asked my girls and nieces if they used the ones I gave them four years ago and the themed/holiday ones were used the most, so, I'll probably concentrate on those this coming year.....along with finishing up more UFO's.


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Sharon, good luck with the eye surgery! I hope your recovery is quick and uneventful.

Geraldine, that's a nice table runner! I imagine different colors and fabrics make it look very different. We are also more relaxed this year and DH is enjoying not working in retail this year! LOL

I spent most of yesterday cutting pieces for Bryan's quilt. I have a bunch more to go but at least it's a start! :)


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Sharon.....Good Luck with the surgery.
I will be thinking about you.


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Sharon hope you heal quickly from your eye surgery.

I am using the Leah Day binding method on my Grandma's queensize quilt binding, except am doing all the sewing by hand, so doing the corner folds in reverse. Since I am doing it by hand I am not worried about fabric thickness to sew through so I may just join the ending seams of fabric flush with each other rather than do diagonal - I'll just wait and see how I feel about it when I get to that point as which way to tackle it. This is the first time for me to ever use the Leah Day method and the corner folds have been easy so I will probably be using this binding method on future quilts. In addition to my Grandma's quilt I still have some crocheted bookmarks to finish making for gifts, so I have a busy week ahead of me. I am excited about 2013 and have already started a quilting project list. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year.

Best to you and yours,

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I've been lurking and posting a bit, but cannot sew yet. I tried making a Jan lotto block and failed miserably, so I still won't be sewing for must be the fault of the ruler....but, it hasn't been quite 2 weeks yet so maybe I'm trying to rush it.

Can't believe it's almost next year and I don't have a thing I'm anxious to start working on. I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and has high hopes for a wonderful 2013.


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Sharon, glad you're back and recovering from your surgery. Take it easy for as long as you need to. Don't overdo.

Hope you will have a healthy and productive 2013.


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Sharon, I'm so glad the surgery went well. Just rest up for a little while and don't tire your eyes out. Everything else can wait.

Have a wonderful New Year, everyone. Lois

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Sharon, I'm wishing you a speeding recovery so you can get back to all the activities you love.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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Hi Sharon, I didn't realize you were having eye difficulties and here I was bugging you during your recovery time!! Enjoy your down time. My advice....take lots of naps and let everyone wait on you. ;-)
My neck warmer turned out great...plan to make oodles more...just need a good sale on fleece.

Maritime Linda

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Thank you, Geraldine. I've been taking it so easy I'm going stir crazy. I might just have to get out my blue scraps and make some crumbs.....I just won't square them up until I can see better to use the rotary cutter. Wouldn't want to have an accident.

Lois, Most of the time, I can see up close pretty well...just a little fuzzy, that's why I can be on the I can make the font larger. (VBG...Very Big Grin) But, my eyes do get tired.

Thank you, Bev2009. I'm anxious to get back to the machine and make something.

Maritime Linda, I'm glad you asked problem, I've just been sitting here on my big chair. Watching TV isn't fun yet cause it's still fuzzy for me. I'll need to have glasses but will have to wait for a few weeks yet. Glad the neck warmer turned out ok for you. I've even used those little fleece blankets (50X60) that you can sometimes get 2 for $5.....but the fleece is not as heavy.

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I've been not on the forum much lately, because I have been doing so much sewing. Been watching to see when Sharon got back. Glad it's over Sharon and you are on the mend.

I did get the chair seat done, made a pair of pillowcases out of the extra material I backed my blue/cream quilt in, so that when you pull the covers back, they match. Finished my sun/stars quilt in time to get it mailed for Christmas. And am taking a break now before I finish the binding on the last side of my blue/cream quilt. I have been baptised with the FMQ foot and am calling it a success. So, I pretty much shall have my December projects knocked out and feel pretty good about it. Next on the agenda, I am considering another floor cloth just for a change of pace and still have a little girl's baby dress, a quilted purse and a hair cover or two on the project list for the start of the new year.

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Sharon, Sounds like a frustrating, but successful healing in progress. Hope it gets easier every day.

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Sharon, all the best wishes to you for your recovery...take it easy and before you know you'll be back at the machine!

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