V-Shaped Tension-Seal Weatherstripping - Where to buy

beatlefanJanuary 31, 2011

I need to replace the V-Shaped Tension-Seal Weatherstripping on a door and can not find it anywhere. It uses self-adhesive and is usually made of vinyl. I'm just outside of Boston but internet and retail sources will me appreciated.

Thank you

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You can buy the "spring bronze weatherstripping" variety at kilianhardware.com. Those are the search words.

I also get spring bronze at my local, old-fashioned hardware store.

It's v-shaped, and is applied with little nails. It's not self-adhesive or vinyl, but it lasts a long time. We prefer it to the vinyl type.

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Check TrueValue. They may have it. I'm in Boston too.

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Thanks for responding. I found it on True value and Amazon.

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