Knurled hinge pins

beau-kinsJanuary 30, 2009

Have tried as someone suggested, to locate knurled hinge pins to stop interior door drift to open position. Have checked all local hardware stores for these, but no success. Any ideas where they may be found?

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I do not know where to get hinge pins only but, remove one of your pins and gently tap on it with a hammer until it bends ever so slightly then put it back into the hinge. That will usually stop free swingling of the door and it will not hurt anything.

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Start by bending the top pin.

Lay the hinge pin at a slant against a concrete step to hit with the hammer. You only want to make a very slight bend to start. Replace the pin and see if the problem is solved. If not, bend that pin a bit more and try.

If the second bend does not solve the problem, remove the center pin and bend.

I've never had to do more than two. If bending two does not solve the problem, the door needs to be rehung.

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The knurling on a butt type hinge pin is at one or both ends where it is in the jamb leaf to prevent it from rising during operation. It should not affect the swing of the door.

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