Pocket Doors Assistance Please

Holt1234January 4, 2013

Hello All: Made a big mistake. Supplied my carpenter with two regular hollow slab doors, which he promptly installed as pocket doors and painted. Purchased pocket door hardware (handle and lock sets), one set for privacy and 1 set for passage. I was then told they would not install as the doors I provided have 2 3/4" back sets and 99.9% of pocket door hardware is for 2 3/8" back sets, which is the hardware I provided. Have found one source for 2 3/4" back sets but very expensive through Accurate Lock and Hardware for $205 + taxes + shipping re:

http://www.accuratelockandhardware.com/catalog/07_pocket_ADD.pdf .

Is there a way, short of replacing the doors, to work around this?

Thank You!

Read more: http://www.doityourself.com/forum/house-home-doors-windows/485665-pocket-doors-assistance-please.html#ixzz2H483zq7Q

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Maybe this will help.

Here is a link that might be useful: accurate

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Maybe you need to find another carpenter?

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Tell us the type hardware you purchased

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" two regular hollow slab doors"
Slab doors are not drilled for lock-sets.

What is the problem?

If he drilled the doors incorrectly he replaces them.

You do not drill slab doors without the lock-set template IN HAND (even if you do not actually use it).

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Hello All - I picked the doors, not knowing the difference. The doors had the holes already in them. My carpenter assumed I knew what I was doing :) . I'm looking at Kwikset Models # 335 15 (Privacy) and 334 15 (Passage). These two are for a 2 3/8 backset, not the 2 3/4 backset I require. Thanks All!

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Now that I am thinking about it you will need to replace the door as it is only available with a 2 3/8" backset.

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So, your "carpenter" says, I'll just use a hole saw with my lock jig, redrill the door for a 2-3/8 back-set, remove a portion of the door skin from each side of the 1/4 moon cutout, glue, fill, sand, prime and paint it on the backside of the 2-3/4 hole and install your lock-sets".
OR, you can, again pay this same "wise and seasoned" carpenter to hang and paint new doors.

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If the doors are to be painted it is not all that hard to plug the existing hole and then move it to the required back set. It just takes time.

A hole saw to cut a plug, some Minwax High Performance Filler to attach the plug in the old hole and smooth out the surface on both sides, then bore a new hole.

The existing hole is trough internal blocking in the door already.

It may well cost as much as a 'commodity quality' hollow core door though.

Labor hours are expensive.
Buying materials without a complete knowledge of nomenclature and use often results in the wrong item being purchased.

You might have been able to swap the doors for true slab doors if they had not been modified in any way not a single screw hole, brand new condition).

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