resume for retired teacher/coach?

chery2June 2, 2006

DH is retiring from teaching/coaching in public schools after 30+ years. He wants to work part-time in a job with other adults and needs some help putting together a strong resume. I searched the "Monster" website but need something more. Can anyone recommend a free website that will help? TIA, chery2

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How about a free class at your local Worksource office? They are usually offered on a weekly basis where I live. In fact they have all sorts of classes for job seekers.

I have to admit that I didn't find the classes terribly useful except that there were tricks to changing a resume to plain text for those employers who would only take a resume in that form.

I was riffed from a job in environmental education and despite a really spiffed out resume, I only got 5 interviews from over 200 applications. I don't think that the resume is the key. In today's world, nearly anybody can have a great looking resume put together for them. I think that contacts, contacts, contacts is still #1 in connecting to a job.

Read "Bait and Switch". If nothing else, it will convince you not to spend any money on resume writing or interview skills. It will also give you an idea how hard it is for a 50 something to get a job.

I know that sounds pretty bleak and I am sorry for that. I hope it isn't like that for your husband. The fact is though that age will almost certainly count against him.

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Read "What Color is My Parachute?"; a classic in writing resumes. You can probably get a copy from your library or through inter-library loan.

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In our area, the government agencies that deal with paying employment insurance to unemployed people offer quite a lot of help with searching for positions.

Also, there is quite a substantial amount of a variety of services in that field offered by the library.

I haven't used any of them, or heard first-hand info from those who have.


I agree with the idea of letting everyone that he knows have an idea of what he's interested in doing, and seeking to build a larger network, as well.

I suggested some time ago that people write down the names of everyone that they've ever had dealings with, name, phone, email, plus what their training, skills, interests and other circumstances about them may be.

I wrote a thread about it on Household Finance, about last Christmas - don't know if it's still around, or has fallen into the abyss.

Best on computer, for ease of editing.

Contact all of them that you can find.

ole joyful

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