Does anyone supplement their income by doing At home typing

jleekJune 8, 2007

Life circumstances have changed and I need to supplement my income. I work days so would be interested in work that can be done at home. I have been trying to investigate at home typing over the internet, but hard to tell what is a scam or not. I would be interested in others experiences.

Thank you.

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Lots of scam off the inter net and if you go to Consumer's Guide about this, they will tell you you probably will not make any money. If you write for infomation, a letter will be sent back to you, about contacting your local business people for this project or contact the kids at a college. Whatever you do , DO NOT send any money or give the person any information about credit cards, phone numbers and/or email addresses unless it is a hotmail or yahoo.

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Thanks Mariend, I did know not to send money or other personal information. However, a friend of a friend mentioned she does surveys. I investigated the FREE sites and saw nothing that interested me and all surveys seemed long and boring! I am a transcriber of years. Have heard that sometime positions are posted on hospital sites, think I will try that route for a while.

Mariend, I do thank you for your response.

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This "scam" has been around for years. You have to send a certain amount of money for instructions or a listof contacts, or some such thing. The only person who makes money off this scheme is the person to whom the money is sent. I once volunteered to address envelopes for a mass mailing for a political party. It is excruciatingly boring typing , you won't go as fast as you think. Don't fall for it. If someone you know does it, then get all the details before you agree to do the same thing. My cousin got a job doing medical bills at home, it led to real work in a doctors office.

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thanks all

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