Renovation cost

krishmunnJanuary 30, 2014

Can someone help me with an estimate for major renovation of a 1500 square feet Old House.
Either a per squarefeet estimate or a estimate by components is fine -
The components that I can think of are --


Heating System (Gas)
Floor (wooden)
Pipes (2 Bathroom and Kitchen)

Electric wiring

We are in Massachusetts (Boston suburbs) . I understand an estimate is an estimate is an estimate but a high end estimate (including labor and midgrade materials) will be very helpful.
I am planning to use contractor for all work

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Sounds like a tear down and build new would be the most cost effective.

Your request is impossible to respond to without any pictures or firsthand knowledge of the structure.

Call some local contractors and have them provide an estimate.

I believe that new construction can range from ~$75 to $125/sq ft. That might be a start.

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That's basically everything that makes a house except for the foundation, studs, and insulation (which should also be addressed). 85-90% of all of the most expensive stuff at least. But, renovations cost more than new construction per square foot because the walls aren't open, and you're trying not to do damage to stuff that will be saved, and it's just plain harder!

So, a teardown does make more sense. Especially in a high land value location like Boston.

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Sophie Wheeler

In a lot of the metro areas there, the red tape to do a tear down May make it easier to just do a complete gut to the studs and rebuild rather than an actual tear down. Sorta a tear down within the existing footprint. It won't be cheap, but blowing your nose there probably costs you a $100 permit and environmental impact study.

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