electrical de icers for gutters areas

johnnyrazbrixJanuary 17, 2011

If I have done all I can do in the way of ventilation and insulation will electrical deicers work and are they safe. How do they connect to an electrical source? Can they be manually turned off and on ? I live in Michigan and it can get cold here. Right now it is about 5 degrees. Because of some insulation work I did today it may be not needed but i would like to know. Thanks for help. Johnny

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I would install a receptacle under the eave to plug the deicer into and wire it to be controled by a switch elsewhere. (Can also be used for Christmas lights)
Most, if not all, electric deice systems have inline thermostats to turn them on in icing conditions and off in warmer temps (>48F).
The ones I've seen claim to be effective down to 0F.

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Thanks Randy .We had a heat wave today. It got up to 35.It is supposed to snow again so I will be able to see if there is a difference.Johnny

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