sink off center - noticeable only to me?

JessicaBeeApril 30, 2013

Well here is my marble installed. It was a little short on one side so we have to move it over and now its off 1/8th of an inch. Should I make a stink or is it not noticeable to anyone but me?

I am thinking I will center my bridge faucet with the cabinets and window to hopefully create an optical illusion. I will also have a sprayer, and trying to decide which side to put that on of the faucet to also help off set it.

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Your marble is beautiful!

I do notice it, but I notice small details that most people I notice do not. It would bug me and I'd say something about it, but, as you note, the faucet and sprayer are not in so that may drastically help things. Did you notice it before measuring, or did someone point it out to you?

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I did notice it. But unfortunately they cut the piece too short on right end where it meets the wall so there would be a larger gap between the wall and countertop. My other option would be to build out the backsplash but the profile would be so fat. We agreed 1/8th of an inch off the center would be less awkward than a fat backsplash side profile. Kinda annoys me that I had to choose between one or the other. The sink really should have but cut onsite for sake of being precise. Ugh!

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That marble is stunning! It's the first thing I see!

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Maybe it's the photo but it looks more than 1/8" off from the window. I would have thought at least an inch. I don't think you would really notice 1/8 inch.

It's very bare right now so, of course, it will stand out to you more at this point. Can they do anything about it? Scoot it over half the amount? Try some props and see if you still notice it. My installers spaced the uppers and lowers differently. The faucet isn't centered exactly under the upper but I don't notice it. There are other things I enjoy looking at.

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An 1/8" of an inch is not enough to get concerned about. Not one person in 1000 would notice unless you pointed it out.

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Wait until something really gets screwed up and that 1/8 of an inch will look like nothing! :-)

Actually, I think your photo looks a little deceiving because at first glance, it's the cabinet that looks off, not the sink cut-out, but then the center of the cut out appears to line up nicely with the line where the doors meet in the middle so the cabinet must be centered. Maybe a little optical illusion going on because the space for the DW is empty? Once that space is filled up, things will even out visually.

If things really are off only by 1/8 of an inch, you will likely get used to it and not notice it after a while. And the fabricator's contract likely has a clause giving them a little leeway on accuracy, such as +/- 1/8 of an inch would be considered acceptable.

As far as having the sink cut-out fabricated on site, I'd think you'd end up with a nicer edge having them do the cut out in the shop.

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It's disheartening when you watch things go in, and they aren't quite right. I hate it when something could have looked better, and it wouldn't have cost a penny more.


Pretend that you bought the place already done. It's beautiful. And yes, you notice a few small things and wonder what the heck, but you don't take it so personally -- it's still lovely.


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Thanks everyone for the support. I can't move it over otherwise there is a gap between the wall and the countertop. Hopefully with the dishwasher in (like jellytoast said), and big shiny faucet w/ side spray it should be less obvious.

Gary said it perfectly- just disappointing when you spend so much $ for things to be exactly how you want and sometimes its just out of your control. I hate to breathing down their necks but I guess you just have to for things to be right. And still sometimes theres only so much you can do.

Should I put the sidespray on the left or right of the faucet to help with the balancing. I may also add water drinking filter eventually too.
I'll post a follow-up picture when its all in.

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I would disregard the idea of using the sidespray to try to even things up visually. You will want the sprayer on the side where it is most convenient for you to use. If you are right handed, you'll likely want that sprayer on the right, otherwise it will be awkward reaching across for it.

If it's any consolation, most of us have a few things that are "off" in our kitchens ... I know I do! Yeah, they bug us, but it gets easier over time to overlook them. After a while, they only irritate you occasionally.

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Haha ok. Well I'm left handed girl living in a right handed world you do start to conform... so I guess I could go either way ;)

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