Need help with board and batten

ShomessJanuary 30, 2013

My house has rounded edges and arched entryways. I really like the look of board and batten and wanted to try it out in my family room. My concern is how do I end it when I come to the rounded entryway and end of family room wall. 45 degree cuts that just end right before the round edge? Or should I scrap the idea because my house isn't the right style for this?

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My house is board and batten, but it's a modern, spare, Northwest design. The photo you provided shows a very nice, traditional, almost Southwest style, and I think you would be detracting from the look to use a board and batten approach with what you have. This, in my opinion, would be one of those cases where more is less. Be happy with what you have and don't try to "improve" it.

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