Retirement reception favors

GayleKabesJune 11, 2002


I am retiring June 30, 2002! My secretary and friends at work are giving me a reception. I would like to give favors to those who attend (est. 100+) Any suggestions?

I know that I will not be able to say my words about the 31 years because I will cry so will be writing them. Thinking of giving my written feelings as a scroll. I will miss my friends but not the work/stress.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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You could make a little announcement in a scroll and maybe add a little personal note to each - even if it is just something general. You could make them like little diploma's After all you are "graduating" to a new way of life.

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You might want to pass around a little memory book, like an autograph book and have everyone sign it. Later try and put a photo with each one (this is for you) Believe it or not in 5 years you will wonder what so-in-so's name was.

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Thank you! I am using both of your suggestions!

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What did you finally do, Gayle?

And how did the situation turn out?

What ideas and feelings do you have about the situation, now?

I hope that you're having a ball in your retirement.

Let us know how that's going, as well.

Good wishes for good health of body, mind and spirit, friends and interesting things to do.

joyful guy/Ed

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