Wood baseboard on tile wall

mrjohneelJanuary 1, 2010

My bathroom is tiled to within a 1/4 inch of the floating wood floor. Now I need to cover the gap and I want to use a wood baseboard. Is it possible to adhere the wood baseboard to the tile. I could find the stud (in back of the tile and backer board) at the very bottom of the baseboard in some places but the baseboard would not sit flush with the tile wall. So can i glue it on? Thank you in advance. (I'm posting this in bathrooms forum too.

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That's what I would do . Shouldn't be too hard to find an adhesive. What other option do you have ?

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A polyurethane construction adhesive such as the link below. You can get it at most big box or hardware/lumber yards as well as paint suppliers. You would want to cut some strips of wood to act as a clamp by bracing off of the opposing wall. It doesn't need to be anything heavy duty,(like a 2x4), something bendable and strong enough to keep pressure on the base board until the adhesive sets. You could even use scrap pieces of base if they are long enough to go from a point across from the glued base. Cut it slightly larger than the span and bow it in tight.

Here is a link that might be useful: pl adhesives

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A bead of construction adhesive like Liquid Nails would work.

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Be sure all sides of the wood have been finished before gluing it on.

The last thing you need is pint blowing off when water gets under the baseboard and soaks into the wood.

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