recoloring broken bricks on house

tdsmith_gwJanuary 18, 2012

The brick on my house is dark brown but only on the outside surface. In various places on all sides of the house there are bricks that have been hit by kids with bb guns or husbands with ladders and there is a small piece of brick broken off. The brick is an orange color under the surface.

Would it be possible to stain those small spots or paint them with watered down paint so they wouldn't show the bright orange color and not look like painted brick?

Has anyone ever done this kind of repair or touch-up?

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Remove and replace the brick.

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This house is around 30 years old and there is no extra brick that would match the old brick.
That sounds like a big job that could not be done by a homeowner.
Thanks anyway for your suggestion.

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It won't hurt to put a little paint on the bright spots. Even if the color match is not perfect, just darkening up the defects will make the spots far less noticeable. You might want to get a small sponge, put just a little paint on it, and dab at each area with the corner of the sponge. Try it on one or two spots to see how it goes. If you put on too little, you can always go back and add some more.

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Any paint is not going to match the brick for very long.

Try calling some local brick yards and see if they have any matching bricks.
Thirty years is not all that long, especially if the brick was popular.

If the location shows a lot then you can steal bricks from a less visible location and use them in the more visible spot.
A new brick can then be used to replace the moved brick.

Removing bricks without breaking them is not that hard.

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There are various masonry-coloring materials out there. On UK company in the link does this work, and here is a US company that sells masonry washes.
There is going to be a fairly profound learning curve to achieving the effect you need, but it's the best solution if you can get the color right. These mineral-based washes can give a real good effect without a painted-on look.

Here is a link that might be useful: brick tinting

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The tinting is what I was thinking of . I thought that maybe a stain would soak in to the brick and color it enough to camouflage the chipped spots.
I will experiment with paint and may have to find matching bricks somewhere for the bricks that are really bad, like around faucets where someone was a little too destructive while trying to do plumbing repairs.
Thanks for helping me with this.

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TD Smith,

Wondering how you resolved this? I have the same issue and can't replace the brick.

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