Made in the USA?

Holly- KayApril 22, 2013

How many of you have made an attempt to incorporate as many made in the USA products as possible in your kitchen remodel/reno?

My faucet is made in the USA and I was told that my appliances are made in the USA. I found a pull that I love but I can't seem to find the country of origin so I am thinking that I will buy hardware from Colonial Bronze as they are a USA company.

I find that more and more I am influenced to look for the "Made in the USA" label even if it means paying more for it. I also strive to purchase from small businesses as opposed to big box stores. I know that isn't always possible but I do my best.

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Ok, I'll play-great idea for a thread. I try very hard to buy American.

All of the following are made in the USA

Rutt Cabinets
Sub Zero fridge
Blue Star range
U-line wine fridge
Modernaire hood
Waterstone faucets
Forms & Surfaces hardware
Kitchen Aid mixer
Hunter Douglas shade
Chameleon lights
McGuire counter stools (not 100% sure but I think so)

Julien sink made in Canada (at least it's not China)

Unpatriotic--Miele DW and Speed oven made in Germany. But there was no way I would ever have another brand of DW and the Miele speed oven was the only 240v that could go undercounter

I tried to find a Vermont Danby slab that I liked but stock was low and I didn't find anything, so I went with an Italian marble. Trying to find an American marble rather than an import that had to be shipped overseas was an environmental issue too. But I ran out of time. That's the only decision I feel guilty about.

I don't know where Marmoleum is made. But at least it is environmentally friendly. Mixing issues, I know. (But on that topic, I recycled my old kitchen.)

So all in all, I feel pretty happy about my level of USA support in my choices.

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Here's a thread from January where we discussed this same issue. Lots of answers here, including mine, so I won't repeat myself.

Here is a link that might be useful: Same thread topic from January

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We have tried to get as much stuff made in the USA as possible. When given a choice we'd rather spend a little more and buy from America...and we by no means have lots of extra money to throw around.

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Does it have to be "Made in USA" only or "Made in Europe" is OK too?

Except for a Kraus sink&faucet combo and soapstone quarried in Brazil, everything in my kitchen is either of US or European origin - as far as I know, that is. I wouldn't know where the plywood used for custom cabinets came from.

Is Rev-a-Shelf made in the US, btw?

What about Top Knobs hardware? I couldn't find that info on their website.

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Holly- Kay

Thanks Breezygirl. I should have checked before I posted but I was just very interested in knowing.

I love buying American but I am also realistic enough to know that it isn't always possible. So no need for anyone to feel guilty when buying from other countries. I do have to admit that made in China is something I want to avoid as much as possible. They already own us, pretty much lock, stock, and barrel and I don't want to give anymore of my dollars to China than I have to.

Good job NYC! What I am not re-using from my reno will be either donated to Habitat or sold on craigs list so it will be mostly recycled.

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I'm with you HK. Without being too hyperbolic about it, I just feel that so much about China is just one big fat fraud. Like you, I avoid buying anything Chinese if at all possible. One place where it is easy to get fooled is with cookware. Many of the good brands have lower-priced lines that are made in China. I'll take a pass on those.

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Yes, I have tried to avoid "Made in China" as much as I could but that Kraus sink was just too tempting, And they claimed to meet all US safety regulations, so I gave in. :-(

I know I am not the only guilty party as I learned about Kraus sinks from this forum. :-)

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If you want to feel guilty, look at which sweatshop country your clothes were made in. That's an eye-opener.

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We're all in this together - if I don't support jobs here in the USA by buying US-made products, why should I expect my job to be saved? I admit I blur the line a bit and buy some European stuff, because European workers have good employment conditions, so at least they are fair competition, and obviously for too many types of products there is no choice but to buy Chinese-made these days.

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The two things that I know are going in my kitchen so far are the Rachiele sink and vintage Chambers stove, both USA. We absolutely try as hard as we can to buy USA and then even more to buy local if at all possible and support our local businesses and food producers. Local community is where it's going. Short answer: Yes.

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One of our local hardware stores (not a chain) had a post on its sign.

Buy local or Good Bye local - enough said?

Most of my kitchen is from the US except for my Miele DW.
One sad note - Baldwin Brass is moving their manufacturing to Mexico - so my hardware is made in the USA.

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Holly- Kay

It is so heartening to see people buying USA. I gagged on the price for AllClad but I am going to buy filler pieces because it is mostly made in Canonsburg, PA. I was going to purchase AC ramekins only to find that they are made in China. Thank goodness someone mentioned it in their product review or I wouldn't have known it.

I thank all of you for buying local. Having a small business is tough in today's economy but we are hanging in there!

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