Craftsman 139.53673SRT Garage Door Opener

richinpaJanuary 21, 2009

Our header bracket recently came loose from the 2x4 on the wall above our garage door. It had been nailed into the wall, and I re-drilled it with screws, also still using the original nails and making sure they were in the same holes so I knew the 2x4 was snug to the wall again. Now when we open the door with either opener, the door goes up maybe 2"-3" off the ground and stops, each time right when the outer trolley/door arm connects with the inner trolley.

Also, when the trolleys connect, the whole length of the t-rail then bows up a few inches toward the ceiling as if it's too long for the distance between the wall and the opener unit.

Any ideas???

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I'm confused by this:

each time right when the outer trolley/door arm connects with the inner trolley.

The outer and inner sections of the trolley should always be connected unless you are moving the door manually. Are they coming apart?

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Yes, they come apart. The inner section of the trolley stays in place, but the outer section slides apart from it on the t-rail. When I try to open the door electronically, the outer section slides towards the stationary inner section and only goes that far once the spring-activated clip goes into the hole in the inner section. At that point, the door is only opened 2"-3" tops.

You mention that the trolley sections should always be connected, unless I move the door manually ... I have to close the door manually once the outer section is stuck in the inner section, and I've opened the door the entire way manually to make sure that it moves smoothly along the tracks, and it does.

Should the trolley sections be connected by a screw, or anything, because if so there's nothing there now. Or should the outer just fit snugly over the inner?

Also, there is a good amount of black gunk in and around the t-rail and inner section ... Could this be hardened, frozen (in this weather) grease that I should clean up and then replace with new grease? Could this be holding the inner section from sliding on the t-rail?

Thanks a lot for your interest ...

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Okay connect the 2 halves of the trolley and then push the wall button and tell me what happens.

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The two trolley sections reconnected once I readjusted the limit and force controls. The door was working fine for a few days until today, when I went to close the door and it went right back up once it closed to the ground. I'm now working on the limit and force controls again.

This seems to happen when it's extremely cold outside ... Are the controls that temperature sensitive?

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Lag screws will anchor better than wood screws (you didn't say which type you used). Is the header bracket secured to a backer board? Which should be fastened (w/lag screws)to studs. Nails will not have much holding power.

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