Has anybody moved to Arizona

gandbbMay 24, 2004

Are you glad that you did or were you sorry? What were the biggest considerations? My husband and I are looking at making such a move. My brother is in Sun City Grand which, though beautiful, is probably not for us. We think Tucson might be more our kind of town - mostly because we like to be near universities.

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I've lived in Tucson for over forty years (came here from the Deep South) and I love it! It did take some adjusting to climate, landscaping, summer heat, etc. but the good far outweighs the bad. We have excellent hospitals,colleges, schools, and many recreational activities. We don't have tornadoes, most areas never flood and the winters are very mild. The local Visitor's Bureau will mail a packet of info if you call or write. I'll be happy to answer any questions that you might have( if I can.)

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I have a friend that lives there and he said in the summer they stay in from 10 AM until late afternoon or evening, not sure of the exact times. I couldn't stand the heat, it gets to hot for me even in Kansas. I want to go north for the summer.

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being stuck in the house for hours every day in the summer sounded like a real bummer to me until I considered how often I stay inside because of rain - so perhaps it is similar? I don't know if we will be able to go north for the summer. My daughter has a farm, so she has room for us to build a cabin, but I am not sure our finances would permit that.

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gandbb, I just checked your page to see where you live. I have not been in that part of the USA and would love to visit there. When I was younger I would have hated the rain and cloudy days, but not sure any more. The heat really affects me and I enjoy the rain here in Kansas. I suppose anyone can get to much of a good thing.

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Daughter recently moved back after spending about 4 years in Prescott (north, higher, not so hot, with mountains, desert nearby, great for hiking) and Phoenix, south and hot.

If you choose to move there, hope you like it.


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It's true that we usually do stay inside during the hottest part of the day during the summer, but houses and cars are air-conditioned and the malls are enclosed and always cool.I usually do whatever I need to do outside (in the yard)before 9:00 a.m or after 6:00 P.M. I just consider it a trade-off for the beautiful, warm, Decembers and Januarys that we enjoy while much of the nation is freezing!
Both Prescott and Flagstaff get snow in the winter and are much cooler in the summer.

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thank you for the encouraging words mamatoad. My husband and daughter are in Tucson right now fixing up our new house. It is right by the University. We are going to try and rent it out until we are ready to move. My husband has never been in Tucson before, but is enjoying it very much. He talked with the roofers today who couldn't imagine that our son is off to Mt. Rainier tomorrow to work for the summer and we are concerned that he will have trouble making it through the snow.

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We had company today from Kingman Arizona and she said their hottest temps are only around 105 because of the elevation. She said 50 miles away it gets to 130.

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Cottonwood is a growing community also, not as cold as Flagstaff, but very friendly people. We snowbird in the area.

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Not moved yet, but we've purchased retirement property about 40 minutes SE of Tucson (just West of Benson). We're at 4,200 feet so the climate is pretty pleasant - with summertime highs typically in the low 90's and upper 80's (instead of the 100's like much of Southern Arizona) and winter highs about around 60 (and lows in the mid-upper 30's) in January. Also get about 18 inches of rain a year so it's not QUITE so barren.


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You might look at Prescott or Prescott Valley. They are at 5100 ft. and the weather is more moderate than at lower elevations. They have the occasional snow storm in the winter and some cold weather, monsoon season in July, and summers are warm but not like Phoenix. Blue skies, beautiful mountain features. Great place for outdoor activities. Embry Riddle Aeronautic University is there too, but it's not a real university town like some others because ER is a pretty small specialized school. There are many retirees there and people from Phoenix have second homes to get out of the heat.

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Don't tell me that Arizona is full of hot air??

(From the sound of things, it appears that it's only in the south ...

... but I'd better not get on that line with daughter, who recently bought a house in Phoeniz).

ole joyful

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